Jennifer Lopez Reveals Ben Affleck Quoted His Own Movie as Nuptials in Georgia Wedding

Popstar Jennifer Lopez recently revealed some peculiar details about her nuptials. JLo recently tied the knot with her former fiancé-turned-ex-turned-current husband actor Ben Affleck. They had a surprise ceremony in Las Vegas followed by one on Affleck’s Georgia estate which was a grand affair and it included their family and friends. Through her blog, On The JLo, she revealed to her fans that during his wedding speech, Ben Affleck included a line from one of his movies.

Ben Affleck Surprised Jennifer Lopez With His Wedding Speech

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

Actor Ben Affleck delivered a heart-touching speech on his wedding day. Jennifer Lopez got emotional after Affleck included a line from one of his films in the speech. Affleck quoted a line from the 2016 film Live By Night which he not only starred in but also wrote and directed. The criminal drama’s aforementioned line is as follows,

“This is heaven. Right here. We’re in it now.”

Lopez wrote about this on her blog,

“That is one of my favorite lines that Ben wrote from a movie he directed called Live By Night,”

“He also said it the night of our wedding reception in his speech, and I thought…how perfect.”

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Jennifer Lopez Reveals That Her Wedding Day was ‘Not Perfect’

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez
Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez

On her blog On The JLo, Jennifer Lopez spoke about how her husband Ben Affleck’s speech may have been magical but their wedding day wasn’t as flawless as they expected it to be. From the guests catching stomach bugs to sudden rainfall did affect their mood throughout the day. Even though Lopez and Affleck were having a not-so-perfect wedding, their children brightened up the overall mood. During the ceremony, the couple had their children walk down the aisle and gave them away. JLo wrote,

“It had rained at sunset every day that week.”

“Everyone was worried about the heat, the aptly named ‘love bugs,’ the details, would the guests all arrive on time, etc.—not to mention the thunder and lightning that arrived almost on cue each day at the exact time the ceremony was supposed to start that Saturday.”

“Oh, and all of us caught a stomach bug and were recuperating ‘til late in the week, that, and along with a few other unexpected setbacks, had all the makings of a doozie of a wedding weekend.”

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JLo Surprised Ben Affleck on Their Wedding Day

Ben Affleck with Marc Cohn
Ben Affleck and Marc Cohn

Ben Affleck witnessed a beautiful performance by musician Marc Cohn who was invited by JLo. Cohn performed his song True Companion during the nuptials. More than 20 years ago, when the couple started dating, they thought it was the “perfect wedding love song.” It was a beautiful moment as Affleck seemed to be enthralled with the performance.

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