Jennifer Lopez Yet Again Proves Why Shakira is Better As Reports Claim She Fired Dancers Over Astrological Signs

Jennifer Lopez once rejected dancers for the most unusual reason. Heather Morris, actress and a former professional dancer revealed that the Gigli star once rejected dancers because of their astrological signs. It seems like the singer is not a fan of people who are Virgo as Heather Morris recalled an incident when Jennifer Lopez asked all Virgos to leave the audition just because they were Virgos. The singer is a Leo, and it is still unclear why she does not like Virgos.

Heather Morris recalled the incident

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez does not like Virgos

On the Just Sayin’ with Justin Martindale podcast, Heather Morris was asked by host Justin Martindale if the particular story where Jennifer Lopez fired dancers because of their astrological signs was true. She then confirmed that the story was true and even explained it. She said the pop star walked into the room after taking auditions all day and said, “Thank you so much, you guys have worked so hard. By a show of hands, if there are any Virgos in the room, can you just raise your hand?” She then whispered something to her assistant and told the dancers who were Virgos, “Thank you so much for coming,” saying that they “had to leave after a full day of auditioning for Jennifer Lopez.

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She explained that the situation was cringe-worthy

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony was a Virgo

Earlier during the interview, Heather Morris explained how the whole situation was cringe-worthy and added, “You’re not getting paid, you’ve been there since 10 a.m. and you’re auditioning until 6 PM,” she further added, “You’re not getting any money. People judging you the whole time.” Jennifer Lopez’s ex-husband Marc Anthony, whom she was married to from 2004 to 2014, is a Virgo.

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Jennifer Lopez was spotted in Italy with Ben Affleck

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck
Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were spotted on a boat

The singer was recently spotted in Italy enjoying her second honeymoon with her husband Ben Affleck. The two were spotted in the lakeside town of Menaggio on Wednesday where they, as per a source, “just queued up for ice cream like everyone else, and wandered into shops.” It seems like they had a great evening as they were also spotted enjoying a boat ride on Lake Como.

Source: PageSix

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