John Krasinski still jokes about being the Captain America

Marvel fans must be knowing that long before Chris Evans signed the sacred agreement of being the Captain America, it was John Krasinski who auditioned for the role. This news was revealed to Esquire by Krasinski himself who never leaves an opportunity behind to remind Evans that they had a history together. Krasinski is already known face amongst the Millenials because of the show The Office, but Evans ended up in the suit painted with the American Flag. However, Krasinski has taken it all in a good stride.

The Would-Be Captain America

captain america joke of the year
John threw light upon the fact that it is rumoured that actors are insanely competitive, but it was not the same with him and Chris. Once Chris got the role, John accepted that he was the better man for the role and still jokes around that it was Chris who deserved it. Krasinski has been praised for his role In The Office and has received accolades from around the globe.

The Mister Fantastic?

Mr. Fantastic now looks like John Kransanki in Marvel's War of Realms #3

There were strong rumours that John Krasinski was in the line to play Mister Fantastic. With Kevin Fiege giving out hints that Marvel’s First Family might be back that rumour cannot be ruled out completely. Krasinski announced that he does not know if he is involved in the script or not.

The new announcements

Captain America Lifting the Mjolnir Leaves Chris Hemsworth Fuming
During the Golden Globes, Fiege revealed that there were hundreds of names in the documents and agreements. Numerous scripts are pending, and the whole crew is quite excited! It turns out this excitement is reciprocated by the audience too. We have to wait and watch till a new reality bomb drops in!

Here is a pinch of nostalgia for you:

YouTube video

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