John Wick: Chapter 3 First Reviews Are Here And It’s ‘Perfect’

Keanu Reeves is back in action with the assassin John Wick this month as the chapter 3 of John Wick: Parabellum hits the theatres. John Wick is known to be dangerous with even a pencil in hand. He’s a boogeyman no one would like to encounter, and that’s why we all love him.

First John Wick: Chapter 3 Early Screening Reviews Are In

The previous two John Wick films were received well by critics and audiences as both praised the action sequences in the film along with the mesmerizing cinematography. Reeves’ performance as John Wick was also loved by fans all around. Many critics saw this as a return to form for Reeves.

John Wick 2 also got a similar response by critics and the chapter 3 too has promised positive things. After many screenings of the film, first reviews for John Wick: Parabellum have started to pour in and critics have shared their reaction on social media and the response so far, has been overwhelming.

John Wick: Parabellum- First Reviews

Here’s what Brent Goldman (Film Inquiry) first review says about John Wick 3:

“John Wick 3 is action at its finest. It raises the bar for the franchise and adds new depth to the John Wick universe. Asia Kate Dillon, Halle Berry and Mark Dacascos are all great additions. It also features what may be my favorite kill of all three films.”

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John Wick is certainly someone who loves to use his imagination while killing so we all can’t really wait for this to hit the theatres.

Josh Tapia from Screen Junkies also agreed with what Goldman said. He said, “I was lucky enough to catch a screening of John Wick 3 early and I can confirm it’s all the awesome you’re hoping for! Action wise it’s the best of the franchise with a great mix of gun and hand to hand combat.Also that Halle Berry/Dog scene.”

Collider’s Vinnie Mancuso also appreciated the film. He tweeted, “I cannot even begin to describe how good the dogs in John Wick 3 are. If the first movie is ‘the one where the dog dies’ this is like, Revenge of the Dogs: These Dogs Chomp Dicks.”

IGN Movies’ Mike Rougeau, however, found the film controversial. “John Wick 3 continues to build on the series’ mythology and has some of the coolest action and most memorable side characters of the entire series. I’m not sure about everything it adds, and certain things will be controversial (no spoilers).”

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At the end of the sequel, John Wick’s future looked dim after he was devalued an “excommunicado” from Continental, however, a global bounty of $14 million was placed on his life.

Laurence Fishburne, Ian McShane and Ruby Rose will return to reprise their roles from previous films. Halle Berry also joins the star cast as Sofia.

John Wick chapter 3: Parabellum hits the theatres on May 17.

Source: UniLad, Twitter

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