Johnny Depp Proves He’s Ready For Hollywood Comeback With Signature Clean Shaven Look, Lets Go of His Iconic Amber Heard Trial Goatee and Mustache

Johnny Depp is back on the big screen! The 59-year-old actor is currently concentrating on music, working with fellow artist Jeff Beck. When they took the stage at the Helsinki Blues Festival in Finland on Sunday, it was Johnny’s clean-shaven appearance that drew the most attention.

At the Paris airport, Johnny Depp sported a braided hairstyle and a clean-shaven appearance. The actor was reportedly pictured after a costume fitting for an upcoming movie, his first public appearance since his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp’s love of music has been reignited. The Hollywood star spent the entire summer touring throughout Europe. Johnny Depp was in the United States to perform with guitarist Jeff Beck when his clean-shaven appearance went viral. He was seen smiling and interacting with fans while signing autographs.

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How Fans Reacted to Jonny Depp’s clean shave?

Johnny Depp was seen briefly smiling and laughing to fans in photos shared online as he made his way to a car waiting outside the airport. The actor also wore dark sunglasses and a brown fedora hat that matched his hair. He also had a black briefcase with him. “Johnny is perfect,” wrote one Instagram user in response to Depp’s new look, which was shared on a fan account. ‘Mr. Depp is looking great,’ one fan said.

Fans have never disheartened Depp when it regards expressing their loyalty and admiration towards him, from continuing to support him during the defamation trial to congratulating him after he won the case.

Johnny Depp Steps Out In New York With A Clean-Shaven Look

Needless to say, the actor’s many fans were swooning over his brand-new comeback look. While many were taken aback, a number of them linked his new look to a new chapter in his life. Fans flooded Twitter with comments praising the Pirates of the Caribbean star’s new look. Here’s what they’re saying on Twitter.

“Did #JohnnyDepp shave off his pirate Jack Sparrow beard? Whether or not he has pirate Jack Sparrow facial hair, he still looks handsome and cute. “I still like his pirate Jack Sparrow facial hair, and I wouldn’t mind if he shaved it,” one fan wrote.

Johnny Depp

“Did he shave his facial hair and dye his hair brown?” asked another “or am I hallucinating? Is this a new era for Johnny Depp?”

“Show your support for Johnny Depp by shaving your beard.”  Facial hair support for Johnny Depp. “Above all, I support Johnny Depp doing what he wants to do,” one person tweeted.

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What’s Next for Jonny Depp?

Johnny Depp
Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp’s representatives have responded to rumors of his return as Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean series. The actor’s representatives told NBC News that the reports of Johnny signing a new $301 million deal with Disney were “made up.”

According to reports, Johnny Depp will play French King Louis XV in an upcoming film directed by French filmmaker Maiwenn. Although the plot of the film is unknown, it will reportedly be shot in Paris and at the Palace of Versailles.

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