Joji Yanami, A Dragon Ball Voice Actor & Narrator, Died At The Age Of 90

Joji Yanami, a Dragon Ball series mainstay:

A Still Of The Late Joji Yanami Dragon Ball Voice Actor And Narrator
A Still Of The Late Joji Yanami Dragon Ball Voice Actor And Narrator

Joji Yanami was a Dragon Ball franchise staple. Throughout his career, he voiced a variety of Dragon Ball characters and served as the anime’s narrator. His agency, Aoni Production, confirmed on December 3rd that the renowned voice actor had died at the age of 90. According to Nikkan Sports, a private burial ceremony was performed for his family members. Aoni Production expressed its heartfelt thanks to Yanami for his compassion during his lifetime in a letter.

Yanami began his career in the 1960s, voicing characters in a number of well-known anime series:

A Still Of All The Characters Voiced By late Joji Yanami
A Still Of All The Characters Voiced By late Joji Yanami

Yanami, who was born in Tokyo, began his career as a voice actor in the 1960s, playing roles in Wolf Boy Ken, Osomatsu-kun, Cyborg 009, and the Moomin anime. During the next decade, he appeared in films such as Ashita no Joe, Devilman, Mazinger Z, and Cutie Honey. Yanami also provided the voice of Gennai in Digimon and a number of characters in Time Bokan. But he’s perhaps most known for his work on Dragon Ball. He began work on the first anime series in 1986, voicing the Narrator, Dr. Briefs, the King, Dr. Frappe, and Mousee. He would narrate Dragon Ball Z once again, as well as voice the characters Kaio-sama (aka King Kai) and Bobbidi, adding to his DB voice cast.

Yanami’s most well-known character was Kaio-sama from Dragon Ball:

Kaio-sama from Dragon Ball was one of Yanami's most well-known characters
Kaio-sama from Dragon Ball was one of Yanami’s most well-known characters

His most recent Dragon Ball job occurred in 2015, when he voiced Kaio-sama and did narration for Dragon Ball Super. He also narrated Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ the same year. Yanami would go on leave for an extended period of time, the parts would be replaced, and those performances would be his final, bringing an end to a body of work that spanned five decades. Yanami’s work spanned so much of anime history, from when it was only getting started to when it actually became worldwide. He had a remarkable career, voicing a wide range of famous roles in now-classic anime. May his soul rest in peace.

Source: Kotaku

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