Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean Drops New Trailer, Reveals Release Date

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean is an anime that follows Jolyne Cujoh in her mission to escape prison. It is the sixth installment of the long-running series that is available on Netflix. The anime aired its first part of Stone Ocean in the December of 2021. The continuation of the series has had its fandom waiting for what feels like forever. We will not have to wait much longer as the official Twitter page for JJBA has released the trailer for its upcoming season.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean up until now

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean

When we last saw Jolyne, she was seen battling some of the most out-of-control Stand Users we had yet to see in the series while making friends with Ermes Costello and the Foo Fighters in prison. Pucci, the antagonist of Part Six of the series, also happens to be the chaplain of Green Dolphin Street Penitentiary. Pucci is after a power that would allow him to enter heaven itself and considered the late vampire Dio Brando to be one of his closest friends. The loss of Jolyne’s father’s memories and Stand in the last episodes significantly broadens the scope of her present mission.

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Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure: Stone Ocean drops its trailer for its second part and it cannot be more hype

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Poster

The trailer for the second part of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean has the internet riled up with expectations. David Production, which has been the producer and animator of all previous parts of JJBA, makes a return with its latest season. The stylistic choices in depicting the characters and their powers in such unique combinations of colors have definitely given the series its trademark.

The fans of the series have been retweeting the trailer non-stop since the moment it was posted. It has been retweeted 25,000 times as of now and has 50K likes on its post. Needless to say, the fans have been waiting patiently for this trailer.

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What does the second part of JJBA: Stone Ocean have in store for its viewers

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean (Main Characters)

Since the first episodes of Stone Ocean appeared in December of last year, anime fans have had to wait a while for the story of Jolyne to resume. It’s a safe assumption that the series will continue after episode twenty-four, given the length of the manga’s source material, but it’s still anyone’s estimate as to how long viewers will have to wait and how many more episodes will need to be broadcast in order to complete the Stone Ocean’s story.

The cliffhanger ending really has its viewers clenching their seats, waiting for the follow-up to its current arc. Will Jolyne prove herself to be a better stand user than her father after having experienced the bizarre world that the stand users have to live in? Or will Pucci attain his goal of entering heaven, leaving Jolyne in a prison and being falsely incarcerated for the rest of her life? These are the answers that we hope to get in the upcoming season of Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

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