Joker: 12 Most Interesting Facts About The Clown Prince of Crime

The character of Joker was created by Bill Finger, Bob Kane, and Jerry Robinson for the first issue of the Batman comics.

Since its inception, the Joker has been one of the most interesting characters from the Batman comics of the DC universe. But he is not just interesting; he is also an evil mastermind. His maniacal laugh alone can trail a shiver down your spine.

Throughout the years, the Joker has gotten better and better, and we have gotten to new traits about this character with the passing of time. We all know about the accident through which Joker turned into the lunatic criminal that he is. And how the chemicals from the accidents gave him his signature look, and that creepy smile.

But there are still so many things that are not as commonly known about the Clown Prince of Crime as one would like. So here are 12 Joker facts that maybe are not as popularly known to the readers:

  1. Look Me In The Eye, Tell Me What You See

The Joker doesn’t look at his victims when he kills them. Apparently he doesn’t care enough about his victims to keep eye contact when he kills them!

  1. No Fear For The Joker

Scarecrow once used his fear gas on Joker to see what he was afraid of – the gas had no effect on him. The Joker then went on to beat Scarecrow with a chair. DC is Dark!

  1. Super Sane

The Joker suffers from something called Super Sanity – it is heightened state of sanity which makes him see things in a way that others can’t.

  1. Swim, Swim, Swim Away

The Joker once infiltrated the Batcave after swimming couple miles under water. He really is a lunatic!

  1. American Criminal Lunatic

Speaking of lunatics – In a Marvel Dc crossover in 1997, Red Skull hired Joker to steal an atomic bomb. Upon knowing that his employer was the Nazi scientist, the Joker flipped, saying – “I may be a criminal lunatic but I’m an American criminal lunatic.”

  1. Highest Body Count

The Joker has the highest individual body count in the DC Universe – around 2000. But he is spared from the death penalty because of his insanity.

  1. Batman vs. Joker

The Joker claims he will only stop torturing and killing people once the Batman is dead, as it would no longer be fun.

  1. Love Story

The Joker has a daughter with Harley Quinn named Lucy Quinn.

  1. Most Hated Robin

Joker admits that he hates Dick Grayson the most because he is the only Robin that Joker has never been able to traumatize. That boy has all the trauma he needs for a lifetime already!

  1. Burn Lex

Joker used acid to melt Alexander Luthor’s face and then shot him with a shotgun as revenge, because he was angry at him for inviting Joker to his secret society of super villains.

  1. Joker Pennyworth

In an alternate Batman comic, “Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader?”, it is revealed that Alfred Pennyworth is the Joker.

  1. From One-Shot To Full-Time


Joker was supposed to be a onetime villain, and die at the end of the Batman comics that he was introduced in. But an editor rewrote the panel to have him be alive at the end, in case they wanted to use the character some other time.

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