Do you remember the street dance bit that Tobey Maguire hit on Spider-man 3? I bet you do. And who doesn’t know Joker stair dance scene? Both were silly and innovative in their own ways, but watching them together is a whole new level of fun. It can be done now, at the exact same time. Kudos to the edit by the YouTuber Mark FM for bringing Tobey’s cringe-worthy footwork along with Joker‘s stair dance bit. Don’t believe us? We’ve got evidence in the video. 

Don’t know what’s going on?

Joker and Peter Parker Dancing allude to a still picture of Joker from 2019 film of a similar name moving on road stairs, with 2007 film Spider-Man 3 character Peter Parker photoshopped moving beside him. Toward the beginning of September 2019, the arrangement increased a huge spread on Reddit as a response picture.

Genuinely what happened!?

The scene actually happens in Joker not long after Joaquin Phoenix‘s Arthur Fleck authoritatively embraces his “Joker” moniker. On account of the reputation of the motion picture, the genuine strides in The Bronx have become a hot place of interest and at a certain point, the spot was once assigned as a strict goal on Google Maps. 

Maguire’s creepy-crawly move would increase moment reputation – turning into a short-hand for everything amiss with chief Sam Raimi’s close down from a superhuman set of three that earned billions and ostensibly made a way for the ahead thundering Marvel juggernaut of the present day.

Joker went to turn into a film industry dim pony, netting an incredibly enormous $1.06b pull around the world. In view of its prosperity — particularly against a minor spending plan — there’s been a lot of discussion about a continuation headed up by movie producer Todd Phillips. In one late talking commitment, the chief concedes the discussions about a follow-up haven’t quit fooling around yet.

Source: ComicBook

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