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DC Comics’ best-known villain, one of the greatest anti-heroes of Marvel have been unexpectedly (and quite uselessly) mashed-up. Joaquin Phoenix’s personality dances his way down the steps in Gotham City in latest trailers for the upcoming Joker film. The music used in the trailer was not precisely what one fan was looking for. So, this fan took from the Tom Hardy film the “Venom” song of Eminem and applied it to the dance movements of the Joker.

Phoenix talks about the film

“I think a lot of filmmakers have used music on set that I’ve worked with and it can be a really effective tool and I certainly use it myself,” Phoenix told. “But for this film, it was absolutely instrumental and again, that kind of dancing in the bathroom scene was the first time I heard the score and it had a huge, noticeable influence on the way that we ultimately discovered the movement for that scene, so it was absolutely integral to the character.”

Mash-up shared on Twitter

Check out the mash-up below which will change the way you see Phoenix and the music of Joker forever…

The scene might never be the same for fans who haven’t had the opportunity to see Joker yet but this remixing of its music might just become a trend.

Todd Philips, the director talks

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker
Joaquin Phoenix as Joker


For director Todd Phillips, music played an integral role in the film’s production. “I’ve never done this before,” Phillips said. “I watched, when we were writing the script I went and saw Sicario 2 because I love that movie and Stefano Sollima is one of my favourite directors anyway I went and saw Sicario 2 and I’m listening to the score and it just really moved me and I was like ‘who did this score?’ and it’s this woman Hildur Guðnadóttir. So, I wrote her an email. And, I said ‘hey, I’m doing, I’m going to start this movie and I want to do something weird. I want to just send you this script. I just want you to start writing music.’ So, she wrote music from the script. Normally a composer, they see the scene, they write the score.”


Source: Comicbook, Screenrant



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