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Joker is now in theaters, it’s going to be the subject of a lot of discussion in the story it tells, likely for years to come. To date, the film’s most contentious aspect seems to be its highly controversial conclusion. It might leave many viewers questioning what the film’s deeper point is. Below you will find our summary of Joker‘s ending to certain quotes from the final scenes. It includes the finer points of everything to the thematic payoff.

Arthur Fleck live on a show

Joaquin Phoenix as Joker
Joaquin Phoenix as Joker

Joker’s weather act sees Arthur Fleck go live on the late show! With Murray Franklin. He was invited to perform a famous Arthur bombing clip at a comedy club after the show. Arthur heads to the show in complete Joker makeup and costume. He realizes that there is speculation about Murray’s true purpose to have him. But Arthur decides to turn the tables around. Arthur confesses to the brutal subway killings of the “Clown Mask Killer.” As his segment comes on, and after delivering a loud, angry monolog on what a Gotham cesspool is, Arthur blasts the brains of Murray on live TV.

Reborn as “Joker”

The assassination sends the already tense and bubbling Gotham into a full-on frenzy. Arthur is reborn as “Joker,” and dances on the cop car with his acolytes all around, as Gotham burns in the background.

The final sequence of the movie sees Arthur institutionalized, wearing a white jumpsuit and speaking to the therapist. The camera cuts to Bruce Wayne, traumatized, covered in the blood of his slain parents, and Arthur is seen laughing to himself. The therapist asks what so funny, and Arthur says, “It’s a joke… you wouldn’t get it.” The movie ends with Arthur walking down the institution hallway. He has the therapist’s blood-soaked into his feet. It is seen leaving bloody footprints in this wake.

Where controversy lies

Phenomenal character Joker
Phenomenal character Joker

The controversy among filmgoers is whether this original The Joker story is real or not, or just one big joke that director Todd Phillips plays on us. The fun part is that it’s vague enough to keep fans discussing and watching the film for deeper meanings and hints like a lot of traditional Joker origin stories.

Source: Comicbook, Cinemablend

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