Joker Reveals His Obsession With Batman In The Year Of The Villain

Joker and Batman are mortal enemies. Their dynamic is fascinating but it’s also one which is built on Joker’s hellish obsession with Batman. How deep is this obsession? That is revealed in this issue.
WARNING: The following contains spoilers for DC’s The Joker: Year of the Villain, by John Carpenter, Anthony Burch and Phillip Tan, on sale now.

DC’s Year of the Villain is aiming to dive deep into its most notable villains and the Joker issue certainly does that. Anthony Burch and John Carpenter push the envelope and create a hellish story. Here Joker’s relationship with a henchmen, Six of Hearts is explored. It is intimate and makes one dive deep into the Clown Prince of Crime’s psyche. How? Let’s see:

Joker Finds A Protege

Joker gets himself a protege. Pic courtesy:
Joker gets himself a protege. Pic courtesy:

Joker grooms the unbalanced Six to be his successor. As he begins mentoring his underling, we get to see some disturbing versions of this Dynamic Duo.

Joker breaks free of Arkham Asylum and takes on a destructive tour of Gotham. They seek out trouble and even stop the Condiment King during his attempted gas station robbery. Then in a truly sick and twisted version of the real Dynamic Duo, Joker purchases Batman and Robin halloween costumes which are inspired by the 1966 television series. This might also be a little homage to the setting of Todd Phillip’s Joker movie. They then continue their “justice” crusade in the most demented fashion as they gun a citizen and his dog down. This isn’t all, as the Joker riles up Gotham’s men to go after Enchantress in a vile movement.

Six Comes To His Senses

The Joker reveals his demented nature and obsession with batman. Pic courtesy:
The Joker reveals his demented nature and obsession with batman. Pic courtesy:

But Six realizes that Joker isn’t his brand of Crazy. He is just out to kill whenever he feels like it. This results in Six trying to escape the partnership but he can’t. Or rather he isn’t allowed to. Joker uses the information he has on him to hold his mother hostage. When Six goes to save her, then as a homage to Jason Todd’s death in “A Death in the Family“, Joker hits him on the head with a crowbar. But this time the aim is not to kill Six but to make him stronger. So the Joker leaves him to take his mother to the hospital.

This issue shows just how much he enjoys simply toying with Batman and the symbol that he is. This isn’t the first time something like this has been revealed. It even gets sexual when he and Six fight which reminds one of the occasional sexual dynamic of his fight with the Bat. At the end, the Joker goes free before reminding six that his priority will always be batman.

To know more about this Dynamic Duo in the Year of the Villain, click on the video below:

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