Joker’s girlfriend may not be as similar to the Deadpool that we originally thought

Birds of Prey and the Deadpool films have a lot of similarity on the surface levels. Both these movies are R-rated and have more of a comical take on the superhero genre. However, the connections between the two actually highlights the differences that may exist between them.


Comparison between the two

Comparison between the two
The two movies are not as same as argued

Harley Quinn has been shown to talk directly to the audience like the Deadpool. Their similarity exists between the difference in the tone.

Both these characters were introduced as villains in their movies. Harley was the manic girlfriend to Joker, while Deadpool was an assassin to bring down Cable and the New Mutants.

While Harley’s tone has a weirdly chaotic element, Deadpool’s tone feels smugly confident.


Fan following

Fan following
Birds of Prey borrowed a page from the Deadpool

Despite the uncanny similarity that exists between the two movies of two different universes, they both managed to become fan favorites quickly. Despite being introduced as villains, the fans accepted them as heroes very soon. They both never lost the comic elements to their character and have both been transitioned into video games over the years.


What can be the best comparison to Harley Quinn’s movie?

What can be the best comparison to Harley Quinn's movie?
Guardians of the Galaxy maybe the best comparison to Birds of prey movie

Guardians of the Galaxy is perhaps the best comparison to the movie.

Both these movies depict a basic superhero idea with a bizarre tweak in tone and design.


On the other hand, both Deadpool and Harley go on journeys where they team up with a younger criminal (Russel in Deadpool 2 and Cassandra in Birds of Prey). Both the characters teach their young friends how to be a better person, in their own ways.

The characters at the core of the story go through completely different arcs, using a slightly similar cinematic trick to get the audience inside their heads.



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