Jon Favreau wishes to see Robert Downey Jr. returning to the MCU as a director

Robert Downey Jr. has reached the end of his contract with Marvel Studios after his character seeks a noble death in Avengers: Endgame. It’s been a long an emotional journey so far. The character of Tony Stark has definitely laid an ever-lasting impression that cannot be separated. It was a delight to see the character on screen and adore him for his impalpable performance.

Jon Favreau’s expectations

Jon Favreau’s expectations
A still from Avengers

When asked about Downey Jr’s plans regarding future ventures, the director and producer Jon Favreau speaks of his expectations. He expresses his wish of seeing Downey Jr. doing stuffs that he loves. Especially wanting Downey to take up direction, Jon Favreau adds “I don’t know what he is thinking, but he better direct. Otherwise, I am not going to be his friend anymore.” He believes that Downey is the biggest of stars in the highly appraised film ever and also goes on saying that all of Downey’s actions would be real inspiration for all his fans.

Praising the actor, Favreau further expresses his opinions on Downey. Jr. He strongly admits that the actor had an immense passion for work. With Downey’s good understanding of the various spheres that goes into cinema, it’s an added-on advantage. Interestingly, he also shares his interest in working in a film directed by Downey himself. Referring to the immense bond that they had developed by working together, he says that he wants to give Downey the other side of that equation.

A brief description of Robert Downey Jr.’s fame

A brief description of Robert Downey Jr.’s fame
Robert Downey Jr.

Downey Jr. has received immense critical acclaims for his extraordinary performance as Tony Stark over years. In recent times, he’s kept himself engaged in projects such as Footprint Coalition. He has been featured in box office hits like Sherlock Holmes, Tropic Thunder and many more. Being recognised as the highest grossing actor in the world, Robert Downey Jr. has set a high benchmark for all actors. 

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