‘Jon is completely captivated by Jen’: Brad Pitt’s Ex Jennifer Aniston And Jon Hamm Reportedly In Relationship After Meeting Each Other In The Morning Show

Jennifer Aniston, popularly known for her role as ‘Rachel Greene’ in the U.S. television sitcom Friends has been making the headlines recently about her getting into a new relationship. Her last relationship was with Justin Theroux with whom she was married for 2 years and the both of them ended their marriage in 2017. The Just Go With It actress is now finally dating again according to an unnamed source.

The 53 years old actress supposedly dating Tag actor, Jon Hamm who is currently 51 years old. Both Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm are big names in Hollywood and the news of the two of them dating each other has made a big impact in the showbiz industry.

Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm getting together

Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm
Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm

According to rumors, Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm have been going on secret dates. After recently getting back together for a future project, the two were smitten with one another. An unnamed insider claims that the couple started dating secretly and that the Friends actress has been outspoken about her love for the Mad Men actor. The source told Woman’s Day that Jon Hamm is enamored with the We’re The Millers actress. “And there’s no doubt that Jon is completely captivated by Jen” they revealed to the magazine.

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The two had crossed paths earlier

Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm
Jennifer Aniston and Jon Hamm

According to the source, the Friends actress and the Mad Men actor met while working on the Emmy-nominated Apple TV+ series The Morning Show, which the Baby Driver actor had joined for the third season. According to the source who spoke to Woman’s Day, the actress had always liked Jon Hamm, but the circumstances had never been perfect as both of them were in a relationship with someone else. “They’ve crossed paths before, but she’s always had a husband by her side. Not this time!” said the source.

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Their dating histories

Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston

The Friends actress has been married two times. In the year 2000, she married Brad Pitt, who starred in the movie Bullet Train. When the both of them first met in 1998, there was a lot of media attention given to their relationship and they separated after being together for seven years. The actress then married Justin Theroux in 2015 and divorced him in 2017. As for the Mad Men actor, Jon Hamm never married but had a few failed relationships. The actor has previously dated Anna Osceola and Jennifer Westfeldt.

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