‘Juries do f**k up sometimes’: Amber Heard Fans Denounce American Justice System for Ignoring Johnny Depp Burning Heard’s Skin With Cigarette

Legal trials and celebrity cases are quite sensitive. Almost all the time, the judge, jury, lawyers, as well as witnesses, are under extreme pressure, while attending a celebrity trial. There happened to have been numerous celebrity trials throughout history, however, none made an impact as great as Depp vs Heard defamation trial. Irrespective of the damage to fame and image, that was caused prior to and during the trial, the two celebrities seemed to gain quite a lot from the legal battle. With such a high-priority case, comes major responsibilities, and in this case, although the judge and the jury gave their verdict pro Depp, based on absolute evidence, Amber Heard fans seem to be disappointed. 

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
Johnny Depp vs Amber Heard defamation trial

The Depp vs Heard defamation trial has been setting the media ablaze, even months after the settlement. Netizens and fans don’t seem to like the anti-Heard judgment that was passed. Fans from both ends are assembling on Twitter to make their points clear on the judgment. 

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Amber Heard fans believe the American justice system is rigged

Depp v Heard
Johnny Depp wins the defamation trial against Amber Heard

After the Depp vs Heard defamation trials ended in June 2022, with Johnny Depp winning the case over Amber Heard, the world on Depp’s side roared to have their idol back on track. However, Amber Heard fans seemed unhappy over the turn of events. Despite the lawyers and the jury scrutinizing proofs and witnesses, Heard’s fans seemed to believe that the American justice system was rigged. 

The entire Depp vs Heard trial made the world realize that men are not always the stereotypical abusers, at times even women can be the perpetrator. However, Amber Heard fans were not cool with the way the judge and the jury overlooked multiple situations and evidence that proved, even Heard was a victim of abuse. 

Fans take to Twitter to point out how neither Depp nor Heard are innocent, so if the verdict is to be given, it must be just on both ends. Irrespective of the majority of people supporting Depp and dissing Heard’s fans, Twitter and other social platforms are overflowing with comments and opinions. 

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Twitteratis assembled to state their claims on Depp vs Heard trial

Johhny Depp (right) And Amber Heard (right)
Johnny Depp and Amber Heard

Although hardcore Johnny Depp fans believe that this was a much-needed victory, Amber Heard fans believe that somehow juries made a mistake. On one hand, Depp’s fans claim a major portion of Heard’s fame is because of her relationship with Depp and getting involved in the litigation. Therefore, hardcore Depp fans believe the justice was on point, while, Heard’s fans find the judgment was purely biased. 

In a recent Twitter post, it was evident how Amber Heard made a statement “Go put your f**king cigarettes out on someone else. You f**king have consequences for your actions. That’s it” to which Depp replies “shut up fat a**”. Fans believe it was clear-cut evidence of how abusive Depp was, however, it was overlooked. 

Heard’s fans claim several such similar pieces of evidence were overlooked by the judge and the jury, maybe due to prejudices or a rigged system. Several Twitteratis believe the legal system judged Amber Heard for petty things and overlooked major evidence on Depp’s end. 



It is quite hard for people to keep their prejudices aside while dealing with such cases. However, with the Depp vs Heard defamation trial coming to an end and becoming more of a trend, people are still dropping their opinions online. 

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