“Just doing too many fillers… I messed up a lot”: FRIENDS Star Courteney Cox Claims She Screwed Up Her 90’s Goddess Face With Pointless Plastic Surgery

In the world of celebrities, beauty is one important aspect that is prevalent throughout industries. Sometimes, it can make or break a person’s career. And as these famous faces start getting older, somehow the pressure to remain young and fresh starts to get heavy.

This has caused many to seek out cosmetic surgeries. And Friends star Courteney Cox is no exception to this. As she gears up for her upcoming flick Scream 6, the actress opened up about her history with cosmetic fillers in a podcast recently. Cox admitted that she regretted injecting a lot of it while she was younger.

Courteney Cox Regrets Injecting Her Face with Fillers at a Younger Age

Courtney Cox
Courteney Cox

There is no escaping getting old, however, people still opt for cosmetic procedures or fillers to hide the signs of aging. Especially female celebrities who are always judged for their looks and appearances much more than male celebrities. Courteney Cox recently shared about all the fillers that she opted for in the past years and how she regrets choosing to do so.

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Cox is back in the spotlight with her upcoming movie Scream 6. And recently she also guest appeared on the Gloss Angeles podcast. The Friends alum shared her experience after getting numerous fillers and other injections. According to her, she kept on using the fillers due to the “domino effect”. This means that after the first injection, she opted for a second then on and on like a domino.

Courtney Cox
Courteney Cox

Cox said that  “just doing too many fillers” took a toll on her face. But fortunately, the filler being removable she added,

“I think I messed up a lot and now luckily I can, I was able to reverse most of that,”

Furthermore, although she lost her 90s beauty look, Cox now looks naturally older.

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A Look at the Upcoming Flick Scream VI

Courtney Cox
Courteney Cox

The much-loved slasher Scream is back with the sixth installment. And this time Courteney Cox is the only remaining original cast of the previous installments. The Friends alum is one of the stars of the 90s slasher. She also attended the premiere recently with other newer and young casts such as Jenna Ortega.

The movie is directed by Matt Betinelli-Orpin and Tyler Gillett. It is a sequel to last year’s Scream V. And this time the story unfolds in New York City with the survivors of Ghost face running from a new killer on the rampage.

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