“Just gotta make sure everybody’s okay”: Drake Halts Entire Concert After Fan’s Brutal Fall From 2nd Floor Balcony During the Show

On Sunday, the famous 36-year-old Canadian rapper Drake performed at the historic Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York. It was the second of two intimate SiriusXM-sponsored shows, and while the show was going crazy with the singer, one of the fans fell off the second-floor balcony, forcing the singer to pause the concert to ensure everyone’s safety.

Drake's concert at the Apollo Theatre in Harlem
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Drake welcomed 21 Savage to perform a slew of songs from their 2022 collaborative effort, Her Loss. The twosome traded verses on Rich Flex, Privileged Rappers, Knife Talk, and Jimmy Cooks while standing in front of a humongous neon Apollo sign. They hyped a combined tour this year in between songs, with Drake saying, “We’re going to be out on the road this summer.” He also assured fans that he would not be leaving anytime soon, implying a 2023 solo album.

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Drake teases a new album during a concert at New York’s Apollo Theater

Drake at an event

Before the duo could begin, a man fell from the second floor into the orchestra pit. According to Insider, a crew member rushed forward and addressed the rappers as they exited the stage, saying, “Just gotta make sure somebody’s OK,” Drake told the audience. The lights in the area were turned on, and security personnel could be seen scampering through the audience in the direction of where the man had landed.

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Drake was removed from the stage after 15 minutes, and the crew announced that no one had been injured as a result of the incident. “Everyone is fine,” a man said over the loudspeaker. The crew also informed the audience that no one had been wounded, and while cheering the audience, the members announced that they have even better news for the audience and that the show must go on.

Why did Drake pause his Apollo Theatre concert?


The Hotline Bling singer and 21 Savage then returned to perform songs from their 2022 joint album, Her Loss. Drake asked his fans to make some noise and tried to convince them that everything is fine, adding,

“I feel like they had to wait like 10 minutes; we should go up a little more.”

Drake ended the show by cutting the music and thanking the audience once more.“I don’t know how the fuck we made it here, but we did.”

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The show will also be broadcast on Drake’s exclusive SiriusXM channel, Sound 42; Lady Gaga, U2, Bruce Springsteen, Paul McCartney, and Pearl Jam have previously performed for SiriusXM at the Apollo.

Source: Insider


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