“Just when I think I can’t love this man anymore”: Marvel Star Dave Bautista Looks unrecognizable After His Final Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

It’s not surprising that the WWE legend Dave Bautista looks amazing and incredibly tough. Making his way into Hollywood after a successful wrestling career, Bautista gained a massive fanbase. Crazy over his charm, well-built physique, and natural talent for acting, fans lost their mind over the actor’s new bearded look. 

Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista, the WWE champion

After his last appearance in the Guardian Of The Galaxy Vol.2 in 2017, Dave Bautista was recently found sporting a new bearded look. Adding onto his incredibly tough look, the beard seems like a compliment. Fans seemingly lost their minds over his unrecognizable photo that went viral on Twitter. Netizens have expressed their opinions on Bautista’s new look. 

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Dave Bautista’s New Bearded Look

Debuting in Hollywood in 2006, Dave Bautista, the six-time WWE heavyweight champion, starred in several big-budget films. The 54-year-old actor even made his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Guardian Of The Galaxy starring as Drax the Destroyer. Fans were mesmerized by his role in both the volumes of the MCU movies and gave his acting skills a thumbs up. 

Dave Bautista
Dave Bautista sports a new look

After his last Guardian Of The Galaxy movie, Bautista has recently become the talk of the town, because of his new look. Slaying in his bearded look, the actor is making his fans go gaga on Twitter. Known for his bulky physique, adding a bit of grey scruff to his face, the actor simply owned the tough look. 

Sporting his bearded look, the WWE veteran shared a picture on his Instagram and Twitter account on St Patrick’s Day. The image immediately went viral and fans lost their minds. 

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Fans’ Hail Dave Bautista’s Unrecognizable Look

Being a popular wrestler in the history of WWE, Dave Bautista has won several matches in the squared circle. Going by the name of “The Animal”, he is a six-time WWE heavyweight champion. However, by 2019, Bautista declared his retirement from wrestling after losing to Triple H, in a No Holds Barred match, at WrestleMania 35. Further, expressing his interest in mixed martial arts and acting, Bautista made his way into Hollywood. 

Dave Bautista
Fans hail Dave Bautista’s bearded look

Currently going viral for his new bearded look, the 54-year-old has surprised his fans by being completely unrecognizable. The former WWE champion was showered with comments of appreciation mentioning, “Just when I think I can’t love this man anymore.” 

Calling out the My Spy actor as the “classy gentleman” a fan even expressed their appreciation for the image shared by Bautista. Evidently, several other twitteratis were on the same page with the fan and expressed a similar opinion. 

In the image shared by The Animal, he was spotted holding a glass of liquor. Celebrating St Patrick’s Day, the actor captioned his image “sláinte”. While commenting on the post, fans expressed their urge to have a drink with the 54-year-old. One fan commented, “I wish I did” drink. 

Few fans even expressed their liking for Dave Bautista. Commenting on Bautista’s wrestling talent as well as acting skills, a netizen openly shared their fan moment. 

Dave Bautista, until now impressed his fans with his wrestling and acting skills, but now he seems to have successfully impressed his fans with his looks. Happy with his success as an actor, the veteran wrestler purposefully announced his retirement from wrestling back in 2019. 

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