Justice League 2 Will Undoubtedly Take Place, But Snyder Might Not Return

The DCEU has had a difficult time establishing franchises. They’ve had more failures than achievements, and their latest blunders have concerned even the most ardent supporters. Although several reviews praised The Suicide Squad as a picture, it bombed at the box office. To date, the film has only grossed $162 million worldwide. For a film of this size, that is a pretty underwhelming collection. Although the early financial reception to DC’s B. vs. S and Justice League was positive, the current downturn has the studio concerned. In these hard times, fans are questioning whether the cinematic universe will continue to exist or whether development will be halted. We’re here to set your worries at ease, readers: Justice League 2 will happen, Zack Snyder or no Zack Snyder.

Man of Steel, one of the most successful solo outings in DCEU history, launched the franchise. The film grossed $668 million at the box office, a record for a Superman remake. There can only be so much fresh in a narrative we’ve seen a thousand times in a thousand different locations. But then came B. vs. S, which split the fandom in two. I’ve never seen a comic-book movie elicit such strong feelings of both hatred and affection from the same fans. A subset of fans adored the film and felt that it marked the beginning of the end of the cinematic universe, whereas the rest of the fans found the film confusing and incoherent.

The Downfall:

The film’s box office performance was perhaps its best feature. BvS grossed $873 million worldwide, cementing its place as the franchise’s greatest film. Regardless of what the critics thought, the fans had spoken. Because numbers can never lie, the worried voices were drowned out, and we found ourselves back on the hype train.

The goal this time was Justice League, and after seeing BvS, the majority of fans were convinced that Zack Snyder had a vision for the DCEU. They had complete faith in this vision and in the man. Alas! Because of a personal tragedy, Zack Snyder had to step away from the film, and the reigns were given over to Joss Wheadon. The film director arrived late to the party, but supporters thought he might save what Snyder had already planted.

We kept the hope for a cohesive DCEU alive and went going. Soon after, the film Justice League was released, and audiences flocked to the theaters in droves. The film grossed $657 million worldwide, which is considered excellent but a little disappointing for the third instalment of a popular franchise. Unfortunately, the theatrical cut of the Justice League is best described as underwhelming.

Because of the need for reshoots as a result of the director change, Snyder’s grim realism was totally replaced with Wheadon’s more whimsical style. Don’t get us wrong: we like Joss Wheadon, but Henry Cavill’s phoney face made us uneasy while watching Justice League. Moving away from controversy, the film fared well, but fans understood that the actual Justice League was hidden behind the theatrical version.

Justice League 2 Will Definitely Happen:

When Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released on HBO Max, their fears were verified. Even though Wheadon utterly screwed with Snyder’s idea, the fresh edit of an older film let supporters believe that there was still hope for the DCEU. However, considering the amount of money WB has put into the franchise, it seems unlikely that they will let it go that easily. Both versions of the film hinted at the arrival of Darkseid in the DCEU. Even WB can’t refuse us such a beloved antagonist. Overall, Justice League 2 will go on even if Snyder does not return to the property.

We’re curious if the nightmare sequences from Battle Royale and both versions of Justice League will be included in the sequel. We certainly hope so. The appearance of an Evil Superman will be incredible to witness, especially because it has never been done in live-action before. It’s never been done while Batman is present to stop him. In any case, we can’t wait for a future sequel. Until then, keep reading Animated Times for in-depth coverage of the entertainment industry, upcoming films, and other issues. in addition to TV series, celebrity news, and much more.

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