Justice League, JSA, Earth Prime And More: Here’s How Arrowverse’ Crisis Crossover Concluded

WARNING: Spoilers Abound For Arrowverse Crossover Crisis On Infinite Earths

When CW released the synopsis for hour 5 (Legends of Tomorrow part) of crisis, it used a simple phrase:

“Worlds will live, worlds will die and the universe will never be the same.”

This is a popular phrase which has been borrowed from the original Crisis on Infinite Earths comic and it certainly fits perfectly with what went down at the end of this massive crossover. Crisis changed what we knew of the Arrowverse. To help you out with this new universe we created a concise list of things you should know about. But before that take a refresher course on what happened in the comic book story:

What Happened In The Arrow Part Of Crisis?

At first, the Paragons were stuck in the Vanishing Point for months. Pic courtesy: Forbes.com

At first, the Paragons were stuck in the Vanishing Point for months. Pic courtesy: Forbes.com

Hour four or the Arrow part of the crossover began with the seven Paragons. It was noted that they were at the Vanishing point for months trying to find a way to escape. But all hope seemed lost when The Flash’s attempts to enter the Speed Force dimension failed. But Oliver Queen, now known as The Spectre appeared before the Paragons and explained how they could save their reality.

So the Paragons split into two teams. One had Ryan Choi, Lex Luthor and Supergirl. Their job was to go to the planet Maltus ten thousand years ago and stop Mar Novu (The Monitor) from testing the temporal portal that would take him to the dawn of time and result in the creation of the multiverse and the anti-matter universe. The other Paragons and Spectre travelled to the dawn of time to stop the Anti-Monitor. At the end the Paragons together came to the anti-matter universe at the dawn of time to face the Anti-Monitor and his shadow demons.

What happened next was pure comicbook awesomeness. The Spectre told the Paragons that he would “light the spark” so that they could “fan the flame.” The Paragons fought the shadow demons while The Spectre took on the Anti-Monitor in battle, releasing a vast amount of energy. This spurred the Paragons to use the same page from the reality-altering Book of Destiny (which Lex Luthor edited to make himself the Paragon of Truth) to reshape the energy unleashed by The Spectre and transmute it into a new universe.

The Madness Of The Fifth Hour Of Crisis

Arrowverse finally has its own Justice League and we can't keep calm. Pic courtesy: tvline.com

Arrowverse finally has its own Justice League and we can’t keep calm. Pic courtesy: tvline.com

In the fifth and final hour of Crisis, we saw Supergirl and Flash realize that the new universe they had created had combined Earth-1 and Earth-38 into one world. At the end of the episode, it was seen that Black Lightning’s reality had also been folded into the new Earth, which was now called Earth Prime. But they didn’t just save their own Universes, they in fact created a new multiverse.

Earth Prime was where the Arrowverse and the Justice League (consisting of Supergirl, Superman, The Flash, Black Lighting, White Canary and Batwoman) lived (goddamn that Justice League Animated show theme song playing when the round table was unveiled by The Flash legit gave us goosebumps), Earth-2 was the home of Stargirl and The JSA (Justice Society Of America), Earth-12 was the home of the Green Lantern Corps, Kingdom Come Superman was also alive and thriving in his Earth-96. Apart from this, it was clarified on which Earths Titans, Doom Patrol, Swamp Thing and some other shows resided.

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Why Were The Earths Merged After Crisis?

As expected, Earth 38 and Earth One merged with Black Lighting's earth to create Earth Prime. Pic courtesy: rotten tomatoes.com

As expected, Earth 38 and Earth One merged with Black Lighting’s earth to create Earth Prime. Pic courtesy: rotten tomatoes.com

The entire earth merging was clearly done to make it easier to crossover and also to form the Justice League (they aren’t called that, but the implications are very clear). It will be interesting to see how things go on from here especially since Supergirl has already previewed that Lex’s tinkering with the Book of Destiny to make himself a hero won’t go well.

It was also revealed that every DC Comics tv show and movie (yes the DCEU as well, courtesy of that Ezra Miller cameo appearance as The Flash) was a part of the same multiverse. This surprise cameo was one of the highlights of a crossover which has been filled with various references from the DC Comics universe. Also since Oliver Queen is now dead, it will be interesting to see how his daughter Mia Queen lives up to the great legacy of her father. It will be a all new Universe for the Arrowverse and we can’t wait to see how it goes!

(Source: screenrant.com and collider.com)