Justice League: The Battle With Darkseid Pushed The Team Past Their Darkest Limits?

It seems like Lobo is accusing the Justice League team to realize and face the line that they have crossed during their battle with the Darkseid.

As revealed in Justice League: Last Ride, the team destroyed Apokolips during their final battle with Darkseid. However, the plot of the storyline discovers an irregular format amongst the Justice League due to the sudden demise of their team mate, Martian Manhunter. As a result, the team splits up on bad terms and each of them decides to complete the Apokolips mission in different ways. This becomes even evident when Superman is found carrying a grudge against Batman who let Martian Manhunter sacrifice his life.

With that said the team Justice League later reunites for this one last mission. The mission is simple: to protect Lobo. By saving Lobo, Justice League can perform their trial murder. But, it is not going to be as simple as it sounds because the dark forces are after him so the bounty hunter cannot incriminate them over the previous jobs. Therefore, the Justice League has to think about ways to hide Lobo without letting any power trace him. Since most of them are of the same kind, their energies are incredibly powerful and that is why they can get easily tracked. Precisely, Justice League is now supposed to find a polluted place that will help them protect their traces. And that polluted place is the former home of Darkseid, Apokolips.

In Justice League: Last Ride by Miguel Mendonca and Chip Zdarsky, Lobo helps in revealing that Justice League has nuked Apokolips. This happens when Wally returns to find Lobo who has been experiencing this situation that Superman deemed as “perverse”. But what actually happens makes more sense. Lobo reveals how Justice League considers themselves as “God’s gift” while destroying an entire planet where people used to live. This is true to some extent; Justice League destroying a whole planet where people lived is beyond anyone’s moral line, even if it is about the so-called superheroes of the Justice League.

While Justice League does what they have to do to destroy Darkseid, Lobo accuses the team and superheroes of not valuing the homes and lives of Apokolips’ population. Lobo thought that Justice League didn’t value them because they were non-human. There is a truth and logic behind the accusation as the Justice League would do anything to avoid nuking Earth and humans. Undoubtedly, it is more shocking to realize that in this plot, Superman was also included. Even after knowing how having a destroyed planet feels like, Superman was involved in destroying the lives and the culture of Apokolips’ natives. In a conversation between Superman and Flash, Superman seems to be quiet. But when Superman opened up, he called Lobo “murderous trash”.

Being a superhero and leader means having more than one way to lose. When Darkseid was stopped by the team Justice League, there remained no scope of spinning off the events that destroyed the Apokolips. This ignited some serious questions against Flash, Superman, and other mighty superheroes from planet Earth who gone too far to complete their roles and responsibilities. Justice League: Last Ride initially looked like it is just going to be about the team’s splitting that might lead to a disagreement or argument between Superman and Batman. But the plot and other issues made it clear that it was Darkseid who pushed the heroes past their darkest limits.

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