5 Justice League Villains We Would Love To See (And 5 We’d Not!)

Justice League is one of the greatest gatherings of superheroes in the world of comics.

The members of this elite team are a mix of highly recognizable and prominent as well as obscure and mysterious.

But so are the villains these superheroes go against to keep the world safe.

Similar to all the heroes that make up the Justice League, the villains they have fought over the course of history are just as varied.

Justice League Villains

While some villains are as popular as the heroes themselves, there are some who don’t get the recognition they most certainly deserve.

So let’s talk about which villains should get more time in the public eye, and who can take some time off for now.

Villain We’d Love To See More:

  1. Starro The Conqueror

Starro against the League

The first villain the Justice League ever faced was none other than Starro – a giant telepathic starfish.

Introduced in the Silver Age of Comic books, Starro was an alien life form from the Star planet that had the ability to control the mind.

It used its spawn to take psychic control of the planet’s population – civilians, heroes, and villains alike.

And although Starro hasn’t had much screen-time except some limited cameos, it could very well be a promising candidate for something bigger.

Villains We’d Rather Not:

  1. Giganta

Giganta the League Foe

Giganta is a long-time villain of the Justice League who has the superhuman ability to increase her mass and size.

In a way, she is the female version of Marvel’s Hulk, without the mono-syllabic style of speaking.

Giganta becomes a part of several villain groups including Villainy Inc. and Secret Society of Super-Villains.

Unfortunately, the character isn’t very layered and did not have much impact on comic-book readers.

Someone turning big and strong after a science experiment gone wrong has had better results.

Villain We’d Love To See More:

  1. Despero

Despero, very much like Starro, is another Justice League foe with telepathic powers.

He has immense mental as well as physical strength to beat even the strongest member of the League in their quest to conquer Earth.

Belonging to the planet of Kalanor, Despero could become one of the greatest villains of all time.

He uses his third eye to hypnotize his victims and can have the whole league in a disarray.

Giving a platform to Despero once more could be fascinating to watch.

Villains We’d Rather Not:

  1. Ultra Humanite

The Ultra Humanite had the potential of becoming something big.

The character could have been a combination of Lex Luthor and Gorilla Grodd, but ends up being a joke!

A super-strong mutated albino gorilla with the mind of an evil scientist had the premise for some exciting challenges for the Justice League.

Sadly for the gorilla, he is more or less another silly villain in the world of DC.

He could have wreaked havoc with his physicality and evil genius but turned out to be just another run of the mill villain who only knows how to cause materialistic destruction around him.

Villain We’d Love To See More:

  1. Amazo

Amazo was an android created by the scientist Professor Ivo.

Although both characters have appeared in the Arrowverse, they are not very similar to the way readers know these characters.

Amazo though, rarely works on his own, opting to be more of henchmen.

But it is not to say that he couldn’t be one of the Justice League’s biggest villain, especially if he got a cognitive upgrade and was able to think and perform on his own.

This would take him to the level of what Marvel’s Ultron is to the Avengers and that could be a really interesting development.

Villains We’d Rather Not:

  1. Prometheus

Prometheus is like an evil Batman, the son of career criminals who were gunned down by the police in front of him.

He goes on to become a criminal mastermind himself and uses his skills and knowledge to defeat the Justice League.

Unfortunately for Prometheus, we already have much better versions of an evil-Batman.

The Joker himself is a twisted version of Batman; the chaos to Batman’s order.

Similarly, the Batman Who Laughs is another version of evil Batman that is much more enjoyable.

Sorry Prometheus, but you gotta go now!

Villain We’d Love To See More:

  1. Circe

Circe in DCAU's Justice League

Circe is a magic-wielding, wicked sorceress and one of Wonder Woman’s greatest enemies.

Being an immortal, she has the leeway to keep wreaking havoc, but she does it with style.

Circe, like the figure from Greek mythology who had captured Odysseus,  has the ability to transform men into animals that suit their personality.

Unlike others, Circe is not an out-on-out evil character.

Throughout her evolution in the comics, Circe has also helped a few heroes, but her enmity with Wonder Woman is still legendary.

It would also be an entrancing plot to pit Circe against Superman as magic is known to be one of his weaknesses.

Villains We’d Rather Not:

  1. The Key

The Key is one of the worst villains in the world of DC. He develops a mind-expanding drug that lets him use his ten senses.

He also uses a drug to alter his enemies’ minds with a form of hypnosis. Unfortunately, he comes off as nothing more than a petty thug!

He has quite a few run-ins with the Justice League but is easily beaten, even after managing to disband the league or hypnotize the members to his will.

This keeps happening throughout the run of this character, multiple times, and maybe it’s time for a goodbye now.

Villain We’d Love To See More:

  1. Crime Syndicate of America

The evil Justice League

The Crime Syndicate of America is basically the evil Justice League from Earth-3.

In a few of the storylines, the CSA was even able to defeat the original Justice League and conquer Earth.

They are immensely powerful who do not care about the collateral damage of using their powers like the Justice League and have unparalleled teamwork.

They could be one of the greatest villains for the Justice League to face if given the chance once again.

Villains We’d Rather Not:

  1. Neron

A powerful demon from Hell, Neron should have been one of the Justice League’s greatest foes.

Unfortunately, his character is busy making unsavory deals with villains to grant them more power and doing cheap parlor tricks.

He could have the same effect as The Spectre and Eclipso but turned out to be an absolute bore.

Even after having unimaginable, limitless power, the character ends up behaving like the many minions of Crowley from Supernatural who grants wishes to people in exchange for their souls.

Frankly, we had better expectations from such a major demon lord such as himself.

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