Justice League’s Greatest Warrior Goes Dark

Hawkman is one of the greatest classical warriors in the Justice League. Although, Carter Hall does have a fascinating role to play in the part of Superheroes. Over the years, Hawkman has been the DC hero with many contradictory plotlines. There have been different versions of Carter Hall in comics that coexist with one another. But this has been the root cause of the issue for Hawkman. The current version of the Hawkman series is trying to explore various versions of Hawkman along with the past lives of Carter Hall. In  Hawkman #17however, a far darker reflection of the character comes to fore, lurking out of the shadows of the Dark Multiverse.

Battle with Shadow Thief

Battle with Shadow Thief
Hawkman fights with his own shadow created by Shadow Thief.

Hawkman #17’s climax showcases one of the most intense fight sequences. The battles ensue with his old foe Carl Sands, a.k.a. Shadow Thief. The battle starts in the Shadow Thief’s favor due to his control over the shadows. This enables him to control Hawkman’s shadow and uses it against him.

Every time Hawkman tries to punch, kick, or strike with his mace against his opponent, he ends up hurting himself. Shadow Thief tries to humiliate Carter because of the past defeats. Though this doesn’t last too long as Carter finds a way to sabotage Shadow Thief’s plan. Due to the remote control over his mace, Hawkeye thrusts the Shadow Thief from the back all the way through the stomach.

Shade’s Intervention

Shade's Intervention
Shade tries to stop Hawkeye from killing the Shadow Thief.
Shade's Intervention
Shade looking out for Hawkeye in the new series.










Hawkman destroys the technology that allows Shadow Thief to control his shadow. But Carter is now angrily trying to quench his thrust for blood. He is about to kill the Shadow thief when his old friend Shade arrives at the scene. Shade tries to stop Carter from killing Sands. This is the same way Hawkman had stopped Shade from committing a crime. Due to Carter being tremendously enraged, Shade has to teleport him someplace away from Sands. Once, he is calm, Carter realizes the darkness residing within him. He is so consumed by rage that he gives in to his dark side to transform into the Sky Tyrant.

The Sky Tyrant

Sky Tyrant is the Earth-3 equivalent of Hawkman, which makes him a member of the Crime Syndicate, that world’s evil Justice League counterpart that includes Ultraman, Owlman, and Superwoman. This suggests that the various lives that Hawkman is now experiencing aren’t just along with different time periods and planets, but also entirely different continuities.

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