‘Justin wants to be black’: Kevin Hart Trolls Justin Bieber, Says Throwing Eggs At Houses And Having A Perfume Named ‘Girlfriend’ Is Not How You Become A Gangster

In 2015, on Comedy Central’s The Roast of Justin Bieber, comedian Kevin Hart took a dig at Justin Bieber’s wannabe gangster persona. In his comedy set, he talked about how Justin Bieber wants to be a gangster but his actions are not “gangster.” Kevin Hart also talked about Justin Bieber’s highly controversial video where he says the n-word and talks about killing black people.

Kevin Hart roasted Justin Bieber

Kevin Hart and Justin Bieber
The comedian called out the singer’s wannabe gangster persona

Kevin Hart roasted Justin Bieber at the event saying that the singer wants to be black,

“It’s no secret that Justin wants to be black. Can we all agree on that? Justin loves the black culture. Everybody knows that. Justin, I just want you to come to the terms with the fact that you’re not gangster. That’s Justin’s main problem, man. You’re not a gangster, accept that. Orlando Bloom took a swing at you. That’s not gangster Justin, it’s not. He’s got a perfume called ‘Girlfriend’. That’s not gangster Justin. You threw eggs at a house, gangster don’t throw f**king eggs.”

He further talked about Justin Bieber’s highly controversial video.

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Justin Bieber once said the n-word while singing a song that was about killing people

Justin Bieber in 2010
In 2009, Justin Bieber said the n-word in a video

The comedian further mentioned Justin Bieber’s highly controversial video in which he can be heard saying the n-word while singing a song that was about killing people,

“Justin sang the n-word on a video in a song that was about killing black people. That’s pretty goddamn gangster, Justin, I’mma give you that. That’s as gangster as you get right there.”

In 2009, a video surfaced online in which Justin Bieber could be heard saying the n-word while singing a song. The singer altered the words of his 2009 song One Less Lonely Girl to create lyrics about killing black people. In the video, he sang, “One less lonely n*****“.

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The comedian later talked about the roast

Kevin Hart and Justin Bieber
Kevin Hart later talked about the roast

Shortly after the event, the comedian talked about his set on Jimmy Kimmel Live,

“It went a little rough. I’m not gonna lie. There was some moments where [I thought] ‘Justin’s gonna cry in the car’. You know how you can look at a person and they’re trying to have a good time, but you can tell there’s a tear? There’s one moment where I looked at Justin and he’s like [laughing and crying]. It’s like a laugh, but it’s not. I kept pointing at him like ‘You’d better hold back, boy. You don’t let them cameras see it come down.’ There was one knee slap where I think he covered up a cry.”

The comedian believes that it was good for Justin Bieber as it helped him in “cleaning the air.” He said that the singer was able to acknowledge what happened and could admit that he is in a different place now.

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