‘Kanye knows how to set goals, how to achieve them’: Joe Rogan Slammed Oprah for Ordering Kanye West To Not Run for President

The Kanye West appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience has really lived up to the hype since it got released. The rapper-turned-presidential hopeful spoke for almost three hours nonstop during the discussion. The Hip-Hop star talked extensively about topics like his interactions with God, his career in music, his run for president, and his opinions on abortion and medicine. Following his announcement during the 2015 MTV VMAs, Kanye West disclosed in a Joe Rogan interview that Oprah Winfrey had advised him not to run for president.

As a result, Rogan can’t stop himself from voicing his opinion against her, and he slammed Winfrey for believing that West is incapable of doing so. This episode was first recorded in 2020. This was when West thought about running for president of the United States. However, Ye also explained on the podcast how some people took this as a joke and provided him with justifications not to go for it.

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

For those who don’t know, the UFC commentator is one of the most well-known podcasters in the world. Rogan contributes significantly to the television industry in addition to his work as a comedian. He conducts lively discussions on The Joe Rogan Experience with a variety of guests like Elon Musk, Kevin Hart, and Mike Tyson, about various subjects and genres. 

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Oprah Winfrey’s discouraging words when he decided to run for the president

Kanye West isn’t giving up on his ambition to become the next president, despite Oprah Winfrey once cautioning him against it. Kanye West claimed during an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience that after he first declared his candidacy at the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards, Oprah Winfrey advised him against running for office.“You don’t want to be president,” she said when they ran into each other two or three days later, he recalled. When he declared his intention to run for President at the MTV Vanguard Awards in August 2015, the Chicago rapper calmly explained how most people mistook it for a joke. 

Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey

Winfrey stated, “You got to bone up on your foreign affairs,” among other things. I remember this because it’s Oprah talking, so I’m gonna remember a lot of what the conversation was, but that’s the first thing she said was foreign affairs and foreign policies.” 

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Joe Rogan is renowned for going above and beyond for his visitors. And after West’s revelations, he was no exception for Rogan to speak for him. He probably attacked Winfrey for questioning Kanye West’s goals when he spoke on the show. “Kanye knows how to set goals, how to achieve them,”  the host said by slamming Winfrey for advising Ye not to run for the presidency.

Why did Kanye West’s presidential campaign begin so late?

When Kanye West announced that he would be running for office in July, his seemingly doomed campaign for US President got off to a rocky start. He explained to Rogan that the reason his campaign got off to such a slow start was that he got the coronavirus. He recalled, “I had the virus, and I was sitting, quarantined in my house. Even so, West believed that the virus was only a mild case and that it wasn’t all that bad. He added, “[But] it threw everybody’s plans off.”

Kanye West or Ye
Kanye West or Ye

When asked where his desire to run for president first began, West said that it came to him in the shower a few days before the MTV Awards in 2015. He believed it to be something God had put in his heart. This episode of The Joe Rogan Experience was recorded in 2020 when West was considering running for president of the United States. Ye also revealed how people misinterpreted this as a joke and gave him justifications not to run for it.

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