“Kanye Was Very Detrimental”: Kim Kardashian Was “Very Supportive” Of Pete Davidson Going To Therapy After Breakup, Does Not Support Harassment From Kanye West and His Fans

Life can be bitter sometimes, and relationship breakups are next in line, but that doesn’t mean that every breakup is ugly. Kim Kardashian recently broke up with Pete Davidson after just nine months of dating each other, but as it seems, there is no bad blood between them at all.

Kim’s ex-husband and rapper Kanye West is known to have been constantly harassing the ex-couple, and especially Pete Davidson, ever since they got together after Kanye’s divorce with Kim. A barrage of social media posts from Kanye mocking and targeting Pete, has led to the 28-year-old comedian seeking trauma therapy from all the mental damage caused by Kanye’s actions. Kim, as per reports, is said to be in full support of Pete in this whole situation post-breakup.

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Animated Times
Pete Davidson (left) and Kim Kardashian (right) at an event

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Kim Kardashian Is On Pete’s Side Even After The Breakup

Love is a beautiful thing, and Kim Kardashian surely and still has some love for her ex-boyfriend, as she fully supports his move to consider seeking trauma therapy due to Kanye’s actions. 

Kim Kardashian Pete Davidson Animated Times
Kim Kardashian (left) and Pete Davidson (right) with matching hair dyes

An insider that is close to the reality TV star has revealed that she has given her nod of approval about Pete seeking the help he needs-

“Kanye was very detrimental. He was posting negative things — now add thousands and thousands of comments. Someone has to work with you to deal with something like that.”

The insider further revealed that Kanye’s fans, who worship the rapper religiously, also played a major role in Pete’s decision to seek trauma therapy-

“Getting death threats from [Kanye’s] fans and all the negative attention online doesn’t feel good for the average person — add someone who’s struggled with mental illness, and it’s even worse.”

That’s definitely not okay, and we hope the SNL star is able to get back to normal after all of this dies down.

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As For Kim’s Opinion On Kanye’s Constant Bullying Of Pete, She’s Not Happy At All

Kim Kardashian has no love left for Kanye West after the rapper’s petty antics to belittle her now ex-boyfriend Pete Davidson, even after Kim and Pete went their own ways.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Animated Times
Kim Kardashian (left) and Kanye West (right) attending the Vanity Fair Oscars After-Party in 2020

A recent Instagram post by the 45-year-old rapper, posted soon after Kim & Pete’s breakup and has now been deleted, took a dig at the comedian. The post read- “Skete Davidson Is Dead at Age 28.”. 

As per reports, Kim was not too fond of the post, and reportedly confronted her ex-husband over the attack on Pete. The source says-

“Kim is furious with Kanye for posting Skete is dead. It’s another one of his outbursts and it’s not a joke to her. She doesn’t take his attacks lightly and demanded he take it down.”

It’s quite a pretty ugly showing from Kanye, but if this is what he’s doing to win his ex-wife back, it’s definitely not the right way.

Source: Geo News

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