Kanye West Building A Low-Income Housing Based On Star Wars

Kanye West is commonly known to be a huge Star Wars follower. His latest work takes that love of the franchise to brand-new elevations. It also can please a lot of people if it winds up occurring.


Kanye West Reveals Plans For Housing

In a Forbes interview, West said he is taking ideas from Star Wars for some new low-income housing he is creating. He states Luke Skywalker’s youth home influences him. West is collaborating with a group to develop prefabricated structures that resemble the same kind of visual. The goal is to make these low-income real estate systems. He also had ideas on other opportunities for the frameworks.


Kanye West Lays Out Possibilities For Homeless People

Kanye West Lays Out Possibilities For Homeless People
Credits: Billboard

After a presentation, he escorts the interview to a clearing along a dust path. They see what a “trio of frameworks that appear like the skeletal systems of wood spaceships is.” Those are porotypes of the principle, and each one is lots of feet high. West claims they could additionally house the homeless. He explains a situation where the framework can penetrate the ground with light coming in from the roofing system.


Housing influenced by Star Wars features

Housing influenced by Star Wars features
Credits: Wookieepedia

Being a Star Wars follower, the exteriors would be rounded on the top and shaped like domes, just like Skywalker’s home in A New Hope. It’s unknown whether that would undoubtedly be the only Star Wars references within the house. It’s doubtful if the inside aesthetic would also match the movies. Regardless, aiding the homeless is a remarkable feat. West did not point out any particular day or even duration, where the real estate would form. Everything is still in the model phase.


When it comes to Star Wars fans, they have some high points to expect this year. Not only do they have the final movie in the brand-new Star Wars trilogy The Rise of Skywalker hitting in December. They have a new computer game originating from Respawn, the much expected Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which appeals November 15th. 


Watch the trailer for The Rise Of Skywalker here:


Source: Comicbook, Rolling Stone


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