‘Kanye West chose to be petty, badmouthed Beyonce and Jay-Z’: Kanye West Was Furious After Beyonce Ridiculed Kim Kardashian, Started Humiliating Her in Public

Kanye West has a history of making ill-advised decisions. The Yeezy founder has a knack for making the worst of remarks against a lot of people, even if they used to be close to him in the past. That is just the kind of man he is. Fickle, and fiendish.

He dissed his ex-partner Amber Rose by claiming that he needed to have 30 showers before getting in bed with Kim after being with Rose. He made the vilest comments against Taylor Swift in his song Famous after having publicly reconciled with her. But that is not it. He even resorted to dissing his best friend’s wife and close friend, Beyonce, the one he infamously insulted Taylor Swift for.

Kanye West and Jay Z fell apart because of their wives

Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West and Kim K
Jay Z and Kanye West’s friendship ruined because of the dynamics between Kim K and Beyonce

Kanye West and Jay Z used to be the best of friends. The duo was one of the closest friends in the music industry. And so were West and Jay Z’s wife, Beyonce. The Donda Rapper and the Halo singer used to be up close at a time.

But following Kanye’s marriage to Kim Kardashian, the relations between the two began to grow stale. The duo of Kanye West and Beyonce, who used to be the closest of friends at a time, stopped interacting with each other. All because she didn’t approve of his marriage to Kim Kardashian.

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Kanye West bad-mouths Beyonce

From friends to rivals, Kanye West and Beyonce
Kanye West claimed that Beyonce sought to win a prize over him

Beyonce was never a fan of Kim Kardashian’s antics. She regarded Kim’s open and public lifestyle as something she could not wrap her head around. Kim Kardashian had built her fame on just sharing what she normally did in her life with the public. This didn’t ring the right bells with Beyonce. And this led to a falling out between the two best friends. Kanye West and Beyonce’s relations also turned sour.

But Kanye is not one to let things slide by. He took to bad-mouthing the couple following their growing apart and on more than one occasion at that. His relationship with them had turned so sour that in 2016, he said, “You (Beyonce) said that you would not perform unless you were given the Video of The Year Award over me.” 

A not at all contentious claim.

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Did it really have to go this way?

Not the best of Buddies now
What happened (and what could have)?

The deterioration of ties between the two best friends was alarming. The ones who used to be synonymous with bread and butter at a time would now not even talk to each other with a straight face. Their lowest point came when Ye called Jay Z for not visiting Kim K after she was robbed in Paris.

Some fans just ask the duo if the situation couldn’t have been salvaged by the two. They had each other’s cell numbers. How difficult could calling each other and sorting things out could be? It proved too much for Kanye though.

Watch the video here:

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