Karma Catches Up to 69 Year Old Former Adult Star Ron Jeremy as He Requests Conservator for Making His Legal Decisions on S*x Crimes Trial

Ron Jeremy, the former adult film actor, was found guilty of rape accusations. Pleading his mental and physical incompetency due to dementia, Jeremy escapes a potential prison sentence of 300 years. The judge declared the former p*rn star incapable of standing through the court cases after s*xually assaulting more than 21 women and has therefore put the case on hold. The mentally ill perpetrator is currently seeking treatment for dementia. 

Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy escapes prison sentence

Amid the public chaos after tactically putting the high profile s*xual assault case on hold, Ron Jeremy seems to be waiting for karma. Jeremy’s sister Susan Billotte filed a petition seeking conservatorship for the actor. 

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Ron Jeremy’s Sister Filed For Conservatorship

Arrested in June 2020, Ron Jeremy was accused of more than 20 s*xual assault cases. The former p*rn star’s lawyers pleaded on the grounds of medical reasons based on lack of competency. In 2022, six weeks before the trial Jeremy’s case was put on hold for psychiatric evaluation. Based on the evaluation, it was mentioned that the perpetrator suffered from incurable dementia. Since the evaluation, the judge put a hold on the case, and Jeremy escaped a potential 300-year of prison sentence. 

Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy’s sister seeks conservatorship

Currently, the former adult film actor’s sister Susan Billotte has filed for conservatorship. Considering the deteriorating condition of the actor, his sister made the initial decision of putting Jeremy in conservatorship. As per documents obtained by TMZ, Billotte is desperately seeking help regarding the actor’s urgency for health care. She fears only a conservatorship can provide, a “private secured perimeter facility specializing in the treatment of dementia”. 

Therefore, by appointing attorney Ellen Finkelberg as Jeremy’s conservator, Billotte wants her to take care of the 69-year-old’s finances and medical needs. 

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Ron Jeremy Seeks Medical Assistance

Since Ron Jeremy escaped the prison sentence based on his deteriorating health condition and incurable dementia, the actor is seeking health care. Jeremy’s lawyer pleading for the case to be on hold based on the actor’s acute case of dementia has caused issues. According to his sister Susan Billotte, the former adult film actor has a “pending transfer to a state hospital” for proper care. But since the actor is incapable of making decisions on his own, given his mental health issue, he is in desperate need of a conservatorship. 

Ron Jeremy
Ron Jeremy is in urgent need of healthcare

Currently incarcerated at the Twin Towers-Mens Central Jail, Jeremy is waiting for his karma. Avoiding prison sentences somehow didn’t help, for now, he is waiting for a conservator to help him get the required medical assistance. Deemed unfit for trial over s*xual assault accusations, dating back two decades, Ron Jeremy awaits his fate seeking health care assistance. The 69-year-old disgraced actor is counting the days and waiting for the judge to pass his sister’s petition for conservatorship. 

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Source: TMZ

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