“Keanu really thinks she’ll say no”: The Nicest Guy in Hollywood Keanu Reeves is Afraid to Propose to His Girlfriend Alexandra Grant

After so many years of relationship with his girlfriend and “soul-mate” Alexandra Grant, Keanu Reeves might be looking forward to proposing to her. Since the start, it has been repeatedly noted that the pair have a very close connection. According to inside sources, they fit with each other so nicely that their friend group believes a “proposal” will definitely take place sooner or later. The couple knew each other for a very long time even before they got romantically involved. The professional relationship soon blossomed into love. But reportedly Reeves is in no hurry to get married to his girlfriend. Also recently it came to light that he is actually afraid that proposing might “jinx” their relationship. And he fears rejection,  which would lead to the loss of the perfect connection he shares with Grant.

Keanu Reeves Scared of Jinxing his Relationship with Marriage Proposal

Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves
Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves

Although Keanu Reeves has been in a relationship with Alexandra Grant for a long time, he has yet to pop the question. But their “closeness” has not gone unnoticed among their friend circle. They think that the two will inevitably get married sooner or later. Although it has been reported that the John Wick actor is not in any hurry, however, surprisingly he has another reason for not proposing to Grant.

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Recently an insider shared with Radar Online that,

“He also worries about jinxing something that’s already so perfect,”

Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves
Alexandra Grant and Keanu Reeves

So apparently Reeves feels that their relationship is so perfect currently that he might ruin it by popping the question.  Their perfect “soulmate-like” relationship has been mentioned time and again by sources close to the couple.  And according to the same insider, “No one but Keanu really thinks she’ll say no.” It was also noted that even Grant has never shown any “hint” of not wanting a marriage. Therefore The Matrix star’s fear is all in his head, according to source.

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Their Relationship History

After working as professional buddies since 2009, Keanu Reeves and Alexandra Grant eventually fell in love. Although they only confirmed their relationship in public back in November 2019, however, they had been dating way before that. That year a source close to the couple shared that “they had been dating for years”. But since then it came to light that the pair were “head over heels” for each other. And that the John Wick star was always constantly impressed by Grant’s coolness and intellectual aspects.

And reportedly their relationship is turning ever “sweeter” with time. According to sources, the pair have been inseparable during the past few years. Grant always shows her support for Reeves by accompanying him to his shoots (Matrix 4). Additionally, she has also constantly been encouraging and supportive regarding the actor’s other endeavors. Their relationship is really one to look up to.

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Source: Radar Online

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