12 Times Keanu Reeves Proved He is Too Pure For This World

Internet’s greatest heartthrob and Hollywood’s greatest gentleman – these are some of the many monikers Keanu Reeves has gotten over the years. His gentle and calm exterior with a kind and humble heart won him the heart and soul of the entire planet. With each passing day, we just get to know the living legend that is Keanu Reeves a little more. And boy are we petrified by his sheer kindness, simplicity and general humility. Humanity may have lost all hopes but if God ever makes an arc, the first person that enters it has to be Keanu Reeves. He is just too pure to for us. He needs to protected and revered for all times.

His Respect For Women – The Hover Hand

keanu reeves hover hand

Female actors that have worked with Keanu Reeves like Adrianne Palicki and Winona Ryder call him the most “kind and considerate” soul.

Charmingly Humble

keanu reeves humble that is wacky

Its like he does not even care the world loves him. Keanu be like: I am too shy. Go away. Shoo.

His Reaction To Rumors of Him Being Gay

keanu reeves gay david gaffen

That reply will always be a classic!!

He Drove a Woman 50 Miles Out of His Way After Her Car Broke Down

keanu reeves car broke down woman porsche

Apparently, the woman wanted him to flirt with her. Keanu never even uttered a word. In true gentleman fashion, he just gave her his number after dropping her off in case she needed any further help.

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Buys Food for the “Grunt Workers”

keanu reeves grunt workers

While grunt workers typically consider A-List Actors as Dirt-bags, most of them have nothing but good things to say about Keanu Reeves.

Hung Out With a Homeless Guy to Keep Him Company

keanu reeves homeless guy

He later said in another interview that he liked the “quiet company”.

Gave His Money To The Matrix’s Special Effects Team To Save Their Jobs

keanu reeves matrix salary

That was what he said. In The Devil’s Advocate, he even gave up a massive chunk of his salary for paying Al Pacino. Still doubt his angel wings?

Commutes. Gives Up His Seat To Women

keanu reeves commutes subway woman seat

It is a mark of a true gentleman when you give up your seat for a lady in distress. That’s old school chivalry many do not possess these days.

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Posed On Top of a Table For Toy Story 4

keanu reeves duke caboom toy story 4

That is some next level fan-boyism Keanu Reeves. Glad to know you are just like one of us.

Made Stephen Colbert Speechless

keanu reeves stephen colbert

Stephen Colbert was not the only person who was left without words that day.

Secretly Donates Money to Children’s Hospitals

keanu reeves money cancer children's hospital

He had a tough past. Seeing his sister Kim battle Leukemia taught Keanu many things. He pledged he will do his share to ensure he could save at least a few.

Bought an Ice Cream Just So He Could Give His Autograph On The Receipt To the Fan

keanu reeves ice cream autograph

The story went viral a while later. We thought we could not love this guy any more than we already were. Turns out, we were wrong. This guy just keeps hitting them right out of the park.

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That’s all folks. While we know there are a zillion things he has done that we could not put into the list, we just wanted to show you a glimpse of just how a kid and humble human being looks like. He is Keanu Reeves. Remember his name!!

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