Kelly Ripa Reportedly Creating Major Ruckus at ‘Live’, ‘Endlessly Trolling’ Producer as No One is Listening To Her Demands Following Ryan Seacrest’s Exit

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have been hosting ABC’s Live for years, and the show has been one of the most successful morning talk shows. However, that long journey will come to an end this spring as Seacrest plans to move back to L.A. to host American Idol. And it looks like their co-host wanted to reminisce about some of their time together on the show, as they decided to recreate a nostalgic moment during a recent episode of Live with Kelly and Ryan.

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest
Live with Kelly and Ryan

However, things seemed to have gotten out of hand, and soon Ripa started trolling the talk show’s producer, Michael Gelman. And she kept on going even after her co-host told her to stop.

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Kelly Ripa Recreates Nostalgic Moments on ‘Live’

Live with Kelly and Ryan went virtual during the global pandemic in 2020. The producers of the show continued implementing several safety measures even after resuming the on-set production of the show. However, it seems like the 52-year-old actress Kelly Ripa was not too pleased with the experience she had while filming the show virtually.

Kelly Ripa
Kelly Ripa

And she decided to remember those moments during a recent episode of the Live as she started mocking the producer of the show, Michael Gelman. Ripa said that she would “troll him endlessly” as she opened up about the issues she faced when Gelman decided to run the show virtually.

While Ryan Seacrest begged her to stop saying, “Please don’t bring me back to those days,” Kelly Ripa started recreating the memory with the help of cue cards. “He would hold up a cue card when he wanted us to move along,” she explained, and soon Ripa was trolling producer Michael Gelman.

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Kelly Ripa Trolls Live’s Executive Producer, Michael Gelman

Kelly Ripa started trolling the Live executive producer Michael Gelman’s directing style as she stood up from her seat and asked, “But he would uhh… which camera’s mine?” Her co-host pointed to a camera as he offered her a “take three” and Ripa borrowed some cue cards from the crew member of the show. Seeing the whole scenario unfolding in front of him, Seacrest said, “This is going to be nostalgic.”

Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest with Michael Gelman
Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest with Michael Gelman

Ripa then moved ahead toward the camera as she held up a cue card and said, “This is Gelman holding up the cue card, telling me to move along.” She then took the card closer to the camera, leaving it out of focus, as she covered the whole lens and said, “I would say, ‘I can’t see that dear.'”

However, she did not stop there and started discussing his colonoscopy. Ripa then went on justify the whole thing saying that it was not like they wanted to know these things, and they only got the information due to their group email.

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Source: The Sun

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