Kevin Feige Teases ‘Captain Marvel’ Sequels Set in the Past

We saw Captain Marvel introducing a few characters and storylines, deep from the Marvel Comics mythos. The film barely scratched the surface of these newly added characters. Right from Mar-Vell to the alien shape-shifters called the Skrulls, there’s a lot left to be explored within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige also agrees to this. In a recent interview, he teased that additional Captain Marvel sequels could possibly take place in the past. It would be in the chunk of time between her first solo flick and the events of Iron Man (2008).

(Kevin Feige)

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Kevin Feige’s Interview

Feige recently spoke with Screen Rant about the roles of the Skrulls in the future of the MCU, especially as it pushes forward into Phase 4 and beyond. According to the producer, Captain Marvel was all about laying the groundwork for the massive Kree/Skrull war. He also said:

“We wanted to give her her own corner of the universe, her own mythology. While we’re not specific about this in the movie, there’s potential to understand where has she been this whole time? Why haven’t we seen her yet? The answer is revealed and hinted at in this movie as she was dealing with a colossal, universal conflict in another section of the MCU.”

Even then, the film showed just a sliver of the shape-shifting alien race. Feige admits that yes, while the Skrulls in Captain Marvel ended up good, there’s likely a part of the race out there that do, in fact, resemble their more villainous comic book counterparts.

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He also added:

As Talos says there are many of them spread throughout the galaxy. And we’ve said, part of the twist that you’re alluding to, is about flushing out these pointy eared, green aliens. Making them real, making them fully formed and part of, for better for worse, part of being fully formed and being a three-dimensional species is there are probably good ones as we’ve seen in this film. And there are probably bad ones.”

Let us wait and see what happens in the MCU in the future!


(Source: Screen Rant and Comicbook)

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