Kevin Smith’s Revelations on Justice League, Green Lanterns And More

Snyder Cut is one of the trendiest terms on social media sites. Well, as fans await what it comprises, Kevin Smith has opened up all his ideas about the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League. His knowledge about the Snyder Cut may surprise you as some characters are hiding in the Cut at various points of development. Read on to find out!

Kevin Smith opens up!

While discussing the Snyder cut, he mentioned that he wants to see Snyder realize his vision for Justice League. During his conversations with the VFX workers, he realized how the storyboards process looks like; however, for Snyder Cut fans, it seems that Justice League part one and two were all about to be filled with DC Comic characters.

Kevin describes the Cut

While explaining his ideas and knowledge, he opened up about all the things he saw at the set. Kevin stated that he was talking to the cats who were in visual effects. Those characters had performed some visual impact on Justice League too. Further explaining what he saw, Kevin stated that they saw the boards layered out. Jim Lee was drawing out the movies which the team was going to make. According to Kevin, some of the films were Batman v Superman, Justice League 1, and Justice League 2. Apart from these movies, Kevin cited that he saw Martian Manhunter on it.  He also saw Green Lantern on boards.

Further Explanations by Kevin Smith

As per Kevin, Jim broke down the script which he had brought to read. The script consisted of the movie the team has shot originally and that of the film which was released. Here, Kevin came across the term Snyder Cut for the very first time! While continuing his explanation of Snyder Cut, he stated about Jaimie Gathers. According to Kevin, she saw the Snyder Cut version before the team did the reshoot. This was done because she had described the things that had been included, like the rough drawings. Hence, presently, we don’t have a clear image of Snyder Cut!

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