Kid Flash Might Soon Make Its Entry To ‘The Flash’!!!

The Flash seems to have a new member to welcome. It has been seen that Kid Flash has made its entry to the Flash. The character of Kid Flash is played by Keiynan Lonsdale. Wally West has to date held the position of being the most favorite character. It can be seen that he is all set to make his entry in Episode 14 of the current season. 

What is the plan??

In a still from The Flash!!


His entry is basically focused on working towards solving the mystery surrounding the Speed Force. Wally has posed a question before Barry regarding his decision related to Speed Force. Wally goes into explaining how Speed Force has great powers that connect across other speedsters. A scene in the film depicts there are twins named Jai and Iris. Wally has been married to Linda Park in the series. It is said that Barry’s love is too related to Linda Park. 

That handsome Hunk

Wally West
Where is Kid Flash

However, it is highly certain since these two have never met so the question of the twins arising seems to be somewhat weird. There are high chances that the mother of these twins is someone else. Wally has apart from the two speedsters Jai and Iris also named a rather big name which might come to as a surprise for Barry. The name happens to be of Nora West- Allen who has not succumbed to death in season 5. 

Hello there!!!

Nora West Allen
In a still from The Flash

It was, however, likely that she might make her entry in the future. There is however nothing confirmed regarding her reentry to season 6. But the recent rumors might depict something different. 

With the current rumors, it is highly likely that Nora might give her fans a glimpse of her in season 6. As far as Walky’s kids are concerned it only remains to be a matter of time. 


Source : screenrant.com


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