Kim Kardashian Goes To Italian Restaurant In Australia While Visiting Beau Pete Davidson, The Tip She Leaves Has Left Hospitality Industry Stunned

Kim Kardashian recently made headlines for taking a private jet to Australia to see her boyfriend Pete Davidson who is shooting for a film there. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star is often trolled for her bold and peculiar fashion choices and imbecilic extravagance. On her latest romantic rendezvous to Australia, Kim Kardashian is again making headlines for… dinner. Apparently, the celebrity left a “hefty tip” for the waiter serving her, who didn’t fail to express his gratitude profusely.

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson spotted in Australia

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Kim Kardashian indulged in an Italian spread with beau Pete Davidson

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson
Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson had an Italian dinner date in Australia

Kim Kardashian chose an Italian restaurant in Cairns for a romantic dinner date with beau Pete Davidson during the trip right before she boarded her private jet for her trip back to the US. The meal turned out to be a hearty one and Kardashian followed it up with a significant tip for the waiter who was serving her.

The waiter of the said Italian restaurant clicked a picture of Kim Kardashian’s dinner bill receipt and shared it online, claiming that she indulged in a delicious Italian spread.

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Three pizzas and five plates of pasta? That’s some diet “Kimmy K”

Kim Kardashian
Kim K and pizza; apparently an old love story

The waiter shared a picture of himself taken outside the restaurant and captioned it: “Took Kim K’s order at work today. Thx for the hefty tip @KimKardashian.” The waiter further shared precise details of the bill which amounted to a total of $576. The order included four $15 Caprese salads, two $11 portions of bruschetta, a calamari starter, three pizzas, and five pasta courses. The dessert included two slices of $16 chocolate torte and a $16 Nutella pizza. The waiter further added: “Here’s her bill. Kimmy K diet starter pack.”

The exact amount of the tip wasn’t shared by the waiter but just the fact that it was “hefty” was underlined.

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Source: The Herald-News

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