Kim Kardashian’s Iconic Patented ‘Vocal Fry’ That Makes for an Instant Cringefest Has Been Used by Whales, Dolphins to Hunt Prey in The Ocean Since Thousands of Years

Kim Kardashian is quite a trendsetter, though not always for a good reason. She is one of the most famous female personalities in the world which somehow affects many to follow her. While she has her supporters on her side, she frequently garners negative attention for her actions. While many try to imitate the influencer in several ways, her iconic vocal fry is in fact, a voice modulation used by aquatic animals.

Kim Kardashian
American socialite, Kim Kardashian

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For the unversed, the SKIMS founder is pretty renowned for her vocal fry which started getting noticed when she continued to star in her family reality TV series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Here’s how her vocal fry unveiled a totally new dimension.

The Iconic Vocal Fry Used By Kim Kardashian is Used to Catch Prey by Aquatic Animals

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian’s unique vocal fry is used by whales and dolphins to catch prey

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Reports have shared that the celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Julia Fox, and many others are using a specific vocal fry to impress their audience is not their unique trait.

As per Coen Elemans, professor of sound communication, vocal fry refers to “a normal voice register that is often used in American English.” It is basically dropping the voice down to the lowest pitches which affect our voice to stutter creating a “creaking” sound.

Examples of vocal fry in humans would be something like “Oh my gaaaaawd” or “shut uuuuup”.

A new study has unveiled that marine animals like dolphins, orcas, killer whales, and sperm whales have evolved their nasal sound which has similarities to the sound American natives sounded.

Certain aquatic animals use specific voice registers[creaky voice] to produce their echolocation calls to hunt for their prey. It is shared that the vocal cords open for a short time which allows them to use very little breathing air in the process. Aquatic mammals like toothed whales go deep underwater to produce ultrasonic echolocation which helps them in locating and catching their prey.

What’s Happening With Kim Kardashian Now?

Kim Kardashian
The SKIMS founder, Kim Kardashian

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The 42-year-old socialite is quite busy handling her different business ventures and four kids whom she shares with her ex-husband, Kanye West. The duo married in 2014 however they announced their separation in 2021. Since then, they had been engaged in a custody battle for their kids.

Their divorce got finalized last year and decided to agree on joint custody of their young kids. After splitting with West, she dated comedian, Pete Davidson briefly for nine months however their romance ended due to their age difference and hectic schedules.

Though many considered her ex-husband as one of the major reasons behind her split from the comedian. Apart from her personal life, she is an aspiring lawyer and has been advocating for criminal justice reform since then.

Source: Science.Org

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