“Kim will wonder if he has done it because he’s missing her”: Kanye West Marrying Kim Kardashian Look Alike is a Red Flag For Experts

Kim Kardashian, the influencer and model, has been an inspiration for several beauty and cosmetic fanatics. People from different parts of the world find her desirable and few even wish to look like her. Her beauty transcends man-made boundaries and has created unachievable standards online. The influencer mom has maintained her beauty through the years like a pro and is aging like fine wine. Despite being one of the most desirable women, she got betrayed by her former husband Kanye West. 

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian being a beauty inspiration and fashion trendsetter

Kanye West recently married Bianca Censori, his Yeezy designer, two months after his divorce from Kim Kardashian. No sooner did the news of their wedding get featured, than netizens assembled to point out the extreme similarities between his present wife and ex-wife. 

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Netizens gather to point out Kanye West’s crazy move

Kim Kardashian is currently maintaining silence over her ex-husband’s secret nuptials. There have been rumors of Kim K being aware of Ye’s whereabouts with Bianca Censori while being happily married. The world seems surprised by West’s move, however, Kim Kardashian is probably feeling numb as per psychologist Jo Hemmings. 

No wonder Kim Kardashian is hurting after discovering her ex-husband secretly tying the knot with Bianca Censori, who was her prime suspect in West’s affair. Amidst the entire chaos, netizens have come together to point out how similar Censori and Kim K look. 

Netizens find similarities between Kim Kardashian and Bianca Censori

Analyzing Bianca’s appearance, psychologist Jo Hemmings suggested that Kim K would feel heartbroken by the rapper’s marriage. “Kim will wonder if he has done it because he’s missing her or more likely, to cause her some grief and confusion” she shared with The Sun. While for Kanye she stated “This seems like yet another crazy, rebellious, and defiant move by Kanye

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Psychologist Jo Hemmings’ take on Kanye West’s wedding

It has been witnessed in most cases, couples after getting divorced usually avoid dating or getting engaged with people who look like their ex-partners. However, in the case of Kanye West, it seems completely opposite. After Ye married Kim k’s look-alike netizens gathered around to point out the Donda rapper’s psychological setbacks. 

Kanye West with his alleged new wife Bianca Censori
Psychologist claims Kanye West’s marriage move with Bianca is crazy

Renowned psychologist Jo Hemmings has therefore conducted an interview with The Sun and stated “I feel that without some sort of therapeutic or similar intervention, he’s on a fast track to some sort of crisis or implosion”. To her surprise, the rapper’s marriage move is a way of “trying to disrupt the traditional values of life,”. Jo Hemmings addresses Kanye West’s secret nuptials with Bianca Censori and says she doesn’t find it to be “any kind of a meaningful relationship…It all feels so very rushed and not even legitimate.” 

Jo Hemmings finally concluded by stating that the rapper’s erratic behaviors are going out of control which is why he has chosen Kim K’s look-alike.

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Source: The Sun 

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