Kobe Bryant’s Daughter Natalia Bryant Files Restraining Order Against AK-47 Wielding Stalker Dwayne Kemp After Allegedly Failed Romantic Relationship

Natalia Bryant feels unsafe as she finds a stalker is behind her. She already had seen bad days for years, and now she is afraid of such happenings. With the death of her father, Kobe Bryant, she still can’t believe that it happened and caused trauma to her. Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash. As it was a tragic death, his daughter misses him a lot and sometimes gets too emotional about this.

Bryant’s daughter is now in the eyes of a stalker. She feels unsafe and is on her way to filing a complaint against him. She is demanding the police look into this issue and is asking to search for the person. It is said that he is no other than Dwayne Kemp.

Kobe Bryant and Natalia Bryant
Kobe Bryant with his daughter Natalia Bryant

Dwayne Kemp has committed many crimes

Kobe Bryant‘s daughter went to Los Angeles Police Department on Monday. She told the police in her words about Kemp that he is a criminal who has committed many crimes. As per Thirty Mile Zone, Natalia gave some statements mentioning Kemp’s creepy behavior. She said that Kemp called her sometime back when she was seventeen. Kemp asked her whether they could come into a relationship. Bryant’s daughter didn’t respond to that, and she disconnected the call. 

Natalia Bryant said that she tried all she could do. But, unfortunately, she has no more power left to give in this case. She is afraid now, and this situation is terrifying her. According to Bryant’s daughter, he even came to see her at the University of South California, which is not good behavior. 

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Natalia Bryant
Natalia Bryant has complained about the stalker Dwayne Kemp

Dwayne Kemp wanted to buy high-tech weapons

The report also says that Kemp purchases an AK-47, along with some more forms of guns. Natalia Bryant was feeling unsafe and mentioned that Kemp tried to message her saying: “Thankful For Him Birthing You, Hopefully, We Can Birth Him… ‘Kobe‘”. She said that he texted by sending the message with a heart next to it. She says that he wants to have a child who looks like Kobe Bryant.

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Natalia Bryant and Vanessa Bryant
Natalia Bryant with her mother Vanessa Bryant

With such happenings, Bryant’s daughter felt relaxed as she was getting support from the legal. However, significant actions were taken by Los Angeles Police Department. They took such things forward by blaming Kemp for all such happenings. In her allegations, Natalia Bryant stated that Kemp should remain far away from her. She asked not to allow him in her school or any other place near her. More actions are yet to be taken, and the case is still ongoing.

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