Korean Zombie Shows To Watch If You Liked All Of Us Are Dead

Korean content is taking over the world, be it the Squid Game or even the recent favorite All of Us Are Dead. When this show was announced by Netflix, many fans were eager to see this popular genre. And when it finally arrived, it managed to find a place among Netflix’s most binged-watched shows.

And it’s definitely not the first series based on the genre! Here are some Korean shows you can binge-watch if you liked All of Us Are Dead!

1. Sweet Home

Korean shows
Sweet Home

This is another Korean show from Netflix. Sweet Home is a horror series that revolves around Cha Hyun-soo. He is a young man who is living alone in an apartment building. His home is suddenly threatened by monsters who want to end the world. He and his neighbors have to shield themselves to stay alive.

This Korean show doesn’t have the same zombies such as All of Us Are Dead but the monsters are extremely terrifying. The show is amazing and its constant struggle of staying alive and serving makes it really great and a must-watch!

2.  Strangers From Hell

Korean Shows
Strangers From Hell

This Korean show Strangers From Hell (Also known as Hell is Other People) is another horror addition to the list. It also takes place in a single building but in a dormitory. In the series, the moment the lead character moved it, some strange things began to happen. He decides to investigate to find out what the case is about.

This show is interesting from the beginning to the end. It may not be upfront horror like All of Us Are Dead, but the slow-build-up has managed to please the fans. The fans kept on getting curious as to what happened in the dormitory!

3. Dark Hole

Korean shows
Dark Hole

This is more of a recent show. This Korean series revolves around a group of survivors who need to find a way to stay alive when a weird black smoke emerged from a sinkhole. The people who breathe into it turn into cannibalistic mutants.

The mutants don’t look similar to the zombies in All Of Us Are Dead but it’s a great show for viewers to see what the survivors are doing to stay alive.

4. Kingdom

Korean dramas

In case you are interested in a horror show which is a bit historic, Kingdom is a perfect choice. This Korean show revolves around a crowned prince who has to save his kingdom which is falling apart. A plague has hit his kingdom and is turning the people into monsters.

Fans have praised its story and the set designs! It’s definitely a show that can get you hooked enough to probably complete the series in a couple of days!

5. Happiness

Korean Shows

This Korean horror show is based in near future. It involves a group of residents in an apartment block that is infested with zombies. All this happened during a government quarantine. This took place due to a failed treatment drug that caused a pandemic aka Rita Virus or “mad person disease”.

The residents have to now survive the virus that is spreading fast!

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