Korg referring to Thor in Past Tense Has Fans Convinced Thor Dies in Love and Thunder

Since the Thor: Love and Thunder dropped fans have been speculating about what is next for the Odinson after he has lost everything. One of the prominent Avengers from the MCU, Thor will be on a journey of self-discovery where he encounters Gorr The God Butcher played by Christain Bale. With a tribute to Loki in the trailer, there have been many mysteries that are yet to be solved. 

What made fans believe about Thor’s death?

In the starting, Korg is seen referring to Thor in the past tense which has convinced the fans that he will die in the movie to pass the mantle of Mighty Thor to Jane Foster. As the trailer opens, Korg is seen narrating the story of Thor to the Interdites. Korg refers to Thor as “he WAS no ordinary man, he WAS a god.”

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Fan’s reactions to Thor’s death 

Since the fans noticed Thor Odinson’s death, they tweeted their theories and concern about the superhero!

Fans also googled what the statement could mean for the future of Thor Odinson

Fans have accepted Jane Foster as Mighty Thor as she could be an addition to the next Avengers team-up. 

The last visual of the trailer also hints at Thor’s death

Fans are eager to what the Odinson will do when he gets to meet his long-lost ex girlf friend after 8 years and the events of Thor: The Dark World. In the trailer, Thor is seen meditating near the sunset along with other planets. The place where Thor is seen sitting is rumored to be Valhalla: a special region of Asgard. 

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It is a part where Asgard’s warriors live forever in paradise. The scene where Thor is seen putting down his Strom Breaker could be an indication that Thor is done with wars.

Thor Love and Thunder
In the scene where Thor is seen sitting with Sun and other planets at the back

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