Kraven the Hunter: Spider-Man Villain Calls Himself An Animal Loving Anti-hero

Kraven the Hunter has been long in works, as star Aaron Taylor-Johnson has finally opened up about playing the infamous Spider-Man villain that he is set to portray in Sony’s upcoming live-action spinoff filmMarvel.

Aaron Taylor-Johnson also talked about Sergei Kravinoff, also known as Kraven the Hunter, during an interview which took place recently with Variety, calling the infamous character “one of Marvel’s most iconic, notorious anti-heroes — Spider Man’s number one rival.”

What Attracted Aaron Taylor-Johnson To Play Kraven The Hunter?

Quicksilver in MCU

What attracted Johnson to take up the role is that Kraven is “not an alien or a wizard. He’s just a human, a hunter, with conviction. He also happens to be an animal lover and has on many occasions, acted as the protector of the world. He’s a very cool character.” Taylor-Johnson also came up that, unlike many other new-era Marvel movies, Kraven the Hunter is “shot entirely on location.”

While Kraven is a hunter that places him at odds with the whole idea of being someone who loves animals, however, the Marvel comics do reveal that Kraven possesses huge respect for the animals that hunt, although all this happens in his own twisted way.

Kraven Has Immense Love For Animals, Yet He Kills Him

Taylor-Johnson as Kraven

For example, the recently “Hunted” arc from Amazing Spider-Man saw Kraven apprehend a few animal-themed villains, hunting as a way to honor the animals’ souls whose images they have appropriated. In the same arc, Kraven has also shown a great deal of disdain for individuals who kill animals for fun.

In real life, there is an ongoing debate about whether hunting ultimately is positive when it comes to the conservation of wildlife. A massive argument in favor of hunting, which is ethical, is that it controls the population of various animal species, and generates a large amount of revenue used to preserve habitats, thus safeguarding wildlife.

While there has been a lot of debate among many Marvel fans about whether playing Kraven in light that would be true to his villainous origins in the comics.

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