‘Kris is soulless and abusive. Endgame level f*cked up’: Internet Slams Kris Jenner After Rumors Claim She Directed The Ray J-Kim Kardashian S*x Tape For Fame And Money

Kim Kardashian seems to be forming her own League of Exes. First, it was just Kanye West who was harassing her online. Now we have Ray J who has also started to attack the Kardashian for her antics. The s*x tape has definitely given a major boost to her career, however, the consequences of playing the victim have finally come to haunt her and her mother, Kris Jenner.

As the singer recently pulled out proof of how messed up the family is. Ray J revealed the documents about the s*x tape on his Instagram. He even went further to encourage the internet to match the handwriting for themselves. Clearly, the singer has had enough disrespect from the family constantly using his name to get away from sharing any blame for the tape.

Ray J spoke his truth about the situation

Ray J
Ray J denied leaking the s*x tape by him

The American singer gave a shocking revelation recently. He firstly called out Kris Jenner’s polygraph confession as a fabricated stunt. He then proceeded to speak his truth about the situation regarding the leak. According to Ray J, Kris Jenner was not only involved but arguably the main culprit.

He revealed this during his rant that got uploaded on his Instagram account. “She watched and said ‘We’re gonna go with the first one cause it’s better, it gives my daughter a better look.’” said a Twitter post quoting the singer’s words for the s*x tape.

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The singer even had proof that Kris Jenner advertised her daughter

Kris Jenner
Kris Jenner at the Lie Detector Test

The 41-year-old musician revealed that a written contract was the source of the s*x tape leak. He also reminisced how he had suggested the idea to Kim Kardashian. The fashionista had immediately leaped on it and discussed everything with her mother. The entire planning aspect had been left in her hands.

Ray J had made it evident that he wanted to put the past in the past and move on, but the Kardashian family continually brought it up to gain influence. These most recent admissions from Ray J are merely an effort on his part to dispel all the allegations against him and improve his reputation in the eyes of his children.

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Twitter has already chosen their truth

Kris Jenner spills the beans
Kris Jenner tried to put to bed all conspiracy theories about the s*x tape

The social media platform has been waiting to find a reason to blast the Kardashians. Adding the carbon emissions, hypocrisy, and useless drama to the table. The singer’s proof seems to be the spark that might burn down the fame and respect the Kardashians have built up since the “leak” of their s*x tape.

Needless to say that the Kardashian clan has a lot to answer for. As the family has constantly blamed the singer for leaking the tape, a legal case can surely be seen in the coming future. There’s also the question of whether this is another stunt to get more attention from the family. Any form of controversy and attention will surely boost the Kardashian’s PR as we’ve seen the results previously with the tape.

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