Syfy’s Krypton has now given a fan favorite Superman villain a brand new and updated origin story. The latest episode of the Superman prequel show used flashbacks to explore the birth of Doomsday. Superman fans will know that he holds the supreme distinction of killing Superman.

When Did Doomsday Appear In The Krypton Show?

First hint at doomsday in the Krypton show. Pic courtesy:
First hint at doomsday in the Krypton show. Pic courtesy:

Doomsday was the genetically engineered Kryptonian monster who famously killed the man of steel in the 1992 DC comics event “Death of Superman. He was more famously depicted in Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The notable villain first appeared in Krypton in the season 1 episode, ” Civil Wars“. Krypton’s version of Doomsday was created centuries ago by scientists from both the El and Zod families. The monster was designed to be the ultimate weapon, but at some point he was locked away, with his prison guarded by an ancient cult. At the end of the season, Doomsday was finally set free.

In Krypton season 2, episode 7, titled “Zod and Monsters“, General Zod (Colin Salmon) and one of his scientists run into an obstacle when trying to take control of Doomsday. Some of Doomsday’s memories are blocking Zod’s access to the creature’s mind. Doomday’s memories, which are revealed in flashbacks to an event that took place a thousand years ago show how the monster was created.

How Was Doomsday Created On The Krypton Show?

Doomsday as portrayed on Krypton. Pic courtesy:
Doomsday as portrayed on Krypton. Pic courtesy:

Before becoming Doomsday, he was a Kryptonian named Dax Baron who volunteered for an experiment that he believed could save the planet. The whole experiment was just so physically taxing and harmful that he died several times over the course of the experiment. But he was resurrected each time and eventually he transformed into the hulking creature fans know as Doomsday.

While this version of the kryptonian villain isn’t exactly comic book accurate but it does offer a fresh take on the old rogue. Krypton has been extensively praised for being a accurate comic book show and it looks like even if it takes liberties with some origins, the show just nails it each and every time.

To know about Doomsday’s comic accurate origin story, click on the video below:

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