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The Mandalorian: 10 Amusing “I Have Spoken” Memes

Kuiil is a fictional character named in the series, the Mandalorian that comes under the Star Wars franchise. This character is gaining popularity among fans all over the world after he delievers the iconic dialogue “I have spoken”. There are several memes created which are based upon his catchphrase. Here are some of the best memes of him.

But sadly, Kuiil was killed by the Imperial forces in The Reckoning. But despite his departure, the fans have a place in their hearts. So, from this, we can say that this character has an amazing impact across the world. Kuiil has a very heart-touching name, and it suits his appearance and personality.

10/10 Taylor Armstrong vs. Kuiil

Credits: Imgflip

This meme is of Taylor Armstrong yelling at a cat. Instead of the cat, here is the Kuiil. Taylor is saying that “The Mandalorian is not as cool as Boba or Jango Fett.” He replied, “I have spoken.” This meme is gaining popularity among The Mandalorian fans because there is a constant argument about whether The Mandalorian is better or Boba or Jango Fett.

09/10 Mandalorian distracting Kuiil’s boyfriend

Credits: Know Your Meme

This meme went viral in 2017 based upon the stock photographs by Spanish photographer Antonio Guillem of 2015. In this meme, the boyfriend is distracted by the Mandalorian dialogue “This is the way.” Kuiil appears as girlfriend and says, “I have spoken.” This meme is a perfect combination of fun as well as the battle between Mandalorian and him.

08/10 This is the way we team up

Mandalorian vs Kuiil meme

Credits: Reddit

Among the fans, there is a constant battle going on about which dialogue is better, whether it is “This is the way” or “I have spoken.” On Reddit, a fan combined these two memes and made a new one. Both the memes are similar to one another in a religious way. Kuiil’s is identical to a Christian expression, “So says the Lord,” while “the Way” refers to the Bible.

07/10 Not so quiet Kuiil

Credits: Imgflip

Kuiil is not quite like Boba Fett or Din Djarin. Here in this meme, the fan takes it to another level. Kuiil is saying that he will not speak now because he has spoken now. Honestly, he speaks everything without hesitation. This attitude is the best thing that fans love about him. The character of Kuiil has designed so that he could not stay quiet in a room full of people.

06/10 Kuiil’s argument

Credits: Imgflip

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The base of this meme is a show named American Chopper, which first aired on Discovery Channel and then on TLC between 2003 to 2010. In this meme, there is an ongoing argument between two men in which one is saying “I have spoken” and the other one is saying, “This is the way.”

05/10 Skywalker said it

Kuiil to Anakin Skywalker

Credits: Know Your Meme

Although The Mandalorian comes after many decades of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace but thanks to photo editing software. This meme consists of two pictures; one from The Phantom Menace and the other from The Mandalorian. The original was that Qui-Gon Jinn saying to Anakin Skywalker, “Stay in the cockpit,” but it was replaced by Kuiil’s “I have spoken.”

04/10 The reality of Mandalorian

Mandalorian vs. Kuiil meme

Credits: iFunny

Fans claim that The Mandalorian is the most fantastic series from Star Wars after its premiere. This meme is a conversation between the two people. One is the person who loves The Mandalorian and the other who denies this fact.

03/10 Kuiil in Cage

Credits: Imgflip

This meme is the cage rage meme by Nicolas Cage. He has shown his frustration in this meme. Here is a combination of  Kuill and Nicolas Cage. Firstly, Kuiil is saying. “I have spoken,” and below it is a portrait of Nicolas Cage inspired by Vampire’s Kiss. A fan commented that seeing this portray, Kuiil should tighten his scarf for safety.

02/10 The Simpsons are with Kuiil

Credits: MEME

This meme consists of one of the most loved animated series, the Simpsons. The place is Springfield’s school, where some notorious kids are present. There is a classroom consisting a teacher, students, and the Kuiil. In this act, the kids ask Kuiil to say the line and then comes the iconic dialogue from Kuiil, “I have spoken.”

01/10 Kuiil’s impact on dads

Credits: Rabittooth’s DeviantArt Page

This meme shows that after dad watches The Mandalorian, he changed his iconic line to “I have spoken.” As Kuiil shows his kindness to Grogu and Din Djarin, one fan said that Kuiil probably would have funnily made a very decent father.

The Last Line

RIP Kuill

Here we discussed the ten most amazing memes of one of the iconic characters from the Mandalorian, Kuiil. He first appeared in the year 2019. The dialogue from him, “I have spoken.” gained popularity, and fans convert it into memes. Kuiil did not make it, and Troopers killed him in the series. But thanks to its meme, people still remember him.

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