Kylie Jenner’s Frequent Private Jet Flaunts Catches Attention of Environmentalists, They Call Out All Kardashians for Leaving Massive Carbon Footprints

Kylie Jenner recently faced backlash on social media after she flexed her and partner Travis Scott’s private jets on her Instagram. There are rumors that she boarded the flight only for a 17-minute journey. Environmentalists slammed the American model calling her a ‘climate criminal’.

The trip only took three minutes

Kylie Jenner
American model Kylie Jenner

Last Tuesday, Kylie Jenner flew from Camarillo, California to Van Nuys, California which only would take only three minutes with a jet. The Twitter account @CelebJets, who posted the route, later clarified that the total flight time ended up being 17 minutes.

A few days after her flight, she posted a black-and-white photo of her and rapper Travis Scott posing in front of their private jets captioning the picture, “you wanna take mine or yours?

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People on social media trolled Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner
She received backlash on social media

People on social media slammed Kylie Jenner explaining the impact of such short flights on the climate.


The Kardashians misuse their wealth

The Kardashians
The Kardashians

Apart from setting unrealistic beauty standards, the Kardashians are also known for misusing their wealth. A few weeks ago, Kylie Jenner hosted one of the most ridiculously over-the-top parties for her two-year-old toddler Stormi Webster. While the Kardashian-Jenner sisters actively talk about global warming and climate change, it seems like they have done nothing to back up their so-called pledges to become more sustainable. Kendall Jenner recently showed off her drifting skills in a US$650,000 Rolls Royce, driving around in circles for absolutely no reason, and when she received backlash she claimed that the activity “made her happy”.

After hearing about how wildfires displaced thousands and killed at least one billion animals and dozens of people, Kylie Jenner decided to donate US$1 million. Soon after this, she posted an image on Instagram of her brand new purchase–mink fur slippers from Louis Vuitton. People once again bashed her claiming that mink fur production leaves behind an intense environmental impact, from carbon emissions to eutrophication.

Source: News18

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