Kylo Ren Finally Surpasses His Grandfather In Age Of Resistance- Kylo Ren #1

SPOILER ALERT: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: Age of Resistance- Kylo Ren #1 by Tom Taylor, Leonard Kirk and Phil Noto, in stores now.


Star Wars: Age of Resistance- Kylo Ren #1introduces a lot of stuff. First up is a snarky veteran stormtrooper who served under Darth Vader; the warmongering species the Benathy and the return of the indestructible Zillo Beast from The Clone Wars animated series which is worshipped as a god. Or rather it was worshipped.

What Is The Zillo Beast?

The Zillo Beast is literally a god tier beast. Pic courtesy:

The Zillo Beast is literally a god tier beast. Pic courtesy:

The Zillo Beast is a plated dragon like creature whose scales are immune to virtually everything including lightsabers. They were believed to be extinct till the Republic woke one on The Clone Wars in the Battle of Malastare. It was Anakin Skywalker who subdued one and then it was brought to be studied. There was a urge to study its scales but since the scale couldn’t be detached from its body without killing it so Palpatine ordered its death. Ultimately, the Zillo Beast escaped and rampaged all over the city. But Zillo are intelligent creatures so it didn’t destroy everything. It just killed Palpatine. But the Zillo didn’t survive as Republic gunships put it down using poisonous gas. But its carcass wasn’t discarded. Instead, Palpatine ordered Doctor Sionver to clone it.

Kylo Ren Battles A Zillo Beast

Kylo Ren proved himself in the battle with a Zillo Beast. Pic courtesy:

Kylo Ren proved himself in the battle with a Zillo Beast. Pic courtesy:

The Zillo Beast which Kylo Ren encounters has established itself as the Benathy’s god and it assists them when the need arises. Since the Benathy are an expansionist species which thrives on power and size over everything else, so chances are that this Zillo was leading a pretty comfortable life till the First Order troops arrived.

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When the Benathy start getting slaughtered, the Zillo comes to their aid and gives the First Order troops a good fight. The First Order troops aren’t equipped with the necessary tools to bind the Zillo. Deploying poisonous gas also isn’t an option since it would kill their own troops.

But everything is a competition for Kylo Ren with Darth Vader especially when he comes to know the bloody result of the last time Vader and the Benathy clashed. So he improvises a plan on the spot. Ren commands his shuttle to take him to the jaws of the beast. Then he jumps inside, taking advantage of his small size. This is a signature Solo move- the ability to turn a perceived weakness into a strategic advantage.

At this point readers know what is going to happen. But the moment when Kylo Ren emerges from the covered in blood and orders the Benathy to bow to him and the First Order is simply exhilarating. For all intents and purposes, Kylo Ren has surpassed his grandfather, that’s for sure. He ended the battle before thousands died.

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