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Marvel fans are in for a treat as Loki finally introduces Lady Loki into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And the best part, the episode ends with her successfully creating the Mutiverse of Madness and paves the way for Doctor Strange 2.

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MCU had already introduced the concept of time travel in the Avengers: Endgame and the heroes’ time heist.

Thanks to the Loki series, the concept has been embraced in a more elaborate manner and to finally explain how time line works in the MCU. Prayers have been answered.

In order to set up for the chaotic Multiverse of Madness before Doctor Strange 2 goes on the floors, the Time Variance Authority aka TVA had to be introduced.
Lady Loki created quite a number of new connections in the timeline.

TVA thought she has set only six reset charges, however they are wrong, very wrong.

Thus when TVA responded to her attack on the Sacred Timeline, most of it could not be rest.

And; the majority of Lady Loki’s reset charges are targeted on Earth.

This precisely how all of us reacted !

So where are these reset charges?

The majority of Lady Loki’s reset charges are targeted on Earth, particularly focused on the twentieth century events. And oh she doesn’t stop there, she also targets a number of extraterrestrial locations.

Here are those places :

•  Lady Loki,  goes back to 51 AD Hala, which is the Kree capital world. She also targets Xandar in 1001.  And both these attacks could affect the history of the whole civilization.

• Then she travels to Ego in 1302. This would mean that the Ego planet would be destroyed many centuries before travelling to earth and siring the Star- Lord.

• Next would be Niflheim set in 1696. According to the theories, this could probably kill Hela, who was then imprisoned there by Odin, Thus, this actually lead to a major change in the timeline and as a result Ragnarok would have not happened.

• Then comes Sakaar in 2984. This could hint and potentially killed the Grandmaster.

• Most importantly, Lady Loki went on to reset charges and target Asgard in 2001.  The attack om Asgard would then create a timeline in which even Loki himself could be destroyed along with the Asgardians.

• And finally, Vormir in 2301. This would mean that the future and the importance of what Nebula previously called “the centre of Celestial existence.”

But apart from these, things would be the future of Lady Loki in the MCU?
Is the female Loki really evil? Or will she come out as the person with a ultimate good motive? And will we see her ahead in MCU movies as well?

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