“Leaving my first marriage, for the person that I left it for…”: Lisa Marie Presley Revealed Her Life’s Biggest Mistake After Being Married to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage

Lisa Marie Presley, the only child of Elvis Presley, passed away on Thursday night (January 12) in Calabasas, California, according to a spokesperson for her mother Priscilla Presley. She was surrounded by fame as a child and experienced a number of romances. She was a musician as well, but she fell short of her father’s extraordinary cultural impact. The late Elvis Presley’s daughter had four marriages before passing away at the age of 54. However, she had received medical attention earlier in the day. No information was immediately available. The singer dated several Hollywood actors over the years, including Nicolas Cage and Michael Jackson.

Lisa Marie Presley 1
Lisa Marie Presley

Her first marriage was held with actor Danny Keough in October 1988, when she was just 20 years old. Following the birth of a daughter, Riley Keough, the couple welcomed a son, Benjamin Keough, in 1993. Two years later, in 1994, they got divorced. Benjamin committed suicide in July 2020 when he was 27 years old. Here is a look back at Lisa Marie Presley’s earlier marriages and relationships, along with her reflections on and experiences with them.  

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Lisa Marie Presley’s marriage to Michael Jackson was her ‘biggest mistake’

As stated earlier, Lisa Marie Presley first married rock guitarist Danny Keough when they were teenagers while they were both enrolled in a drug rehab center. In a 2007 interview with Marie Claire magazine, she stated that she had moved in with Keough when she was just 17 years old and that he had struggled with her fame. Despite being married for six years and raising two children together, Presley divorced Keough in the Dominican Republic just days before eloping with Michael Jackson in 1994. Their marriage lasted just over a year and a half before they called it quits. It was marked by Jackson’s accusations of child molestation, as well as jet international travel and an awkward onstage kiss. In the same interview with Marie Claire, she described getting married to Jackson as the “biggest mistake of my life.”

Lisa Marie Presley
Lisa Marie Presley

“My biggest mistake? Let’s see,” she responded to the reporter’s question. “How can I word this? Um. Well. Leaving my first marriage, for the person that I left it for — that was probably the biggest mistake of my life.”

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Lisa Marie Presley recalls marrying Nicholas Cage was a wild flurry idea

Following Michael Jackson, in 2000,  Lisa Marie Presley was engaged to musician John Oszajca but broke off the engagement when she ran into actor Nicholas Cage at a party. They allegedly met while Cage was still married to Patricia Arquette and she was engaged to musician John Oszajca. They were married legally in August 2002, but their marriage only lasted for four months. They settled their divorce in 2004.

Priscilla Presley with her daughter Lisa Marie Presley
Priscilla Presley with her daughter Lisa Marie Presley

“Marrying him was a wild flurry, a crazy idea and being young, and ‘Ahhhh!’” Presley said the following statement in 2007 about Cage.

Presently, Lisa Marie Presley has reportedly passed away in the hospital after going into cardiac arrest at her home in Calabasas. She had not been musically active in recent years.

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Source: NY POST

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